spiral galaxy
the whorl
of a thumbprint

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  1. Magyar Says:

    __Grand, Cynthia. This, is my humble echo. _m

    as such daybirds fly
    on their line of gravity
    spiral equators

    __ As birds may tend Earth's spiral equator… whole, whorl thumbprint. _m

  2. John Hudak Says:

    can you link me to where I might find more of her haiku?

  3. Michelle V. Alkerton Says:

    If you click on her name her bio comes up and the link to her site https://www.cynthiaandersonpoet.com/
    Stay inspired!

  4. Dawn Apanius Says:


  5. darius Says:

    Always loved “whorl”
    ( thank you Throbbing Gristle (

    This poem just sums it up

  6. darius Says:

    out there

  7. kash poet Says:

    Love it!

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