guitar lessons
my youth
an improvisation


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  1. John S Green Says:

    Very nice sentiment—well done

  2. darius Says:

    Haiku is such a Walk through the door thing.
    A burst of then .

    Me likey

  3. darius Says:


    you have
    my youth

    thank you.

    The following

    Bar- rum
    Da da
    Do door dada
    Emoji hai ku is coming

  4. darius Says:



    parentswinging it
    my dreams are still

  5. darius Says:

    Oi All

    I’m sorry for using your site to dally about my mental health

    Thank you for ignoring me.

  6. darius Says:

    the guitar came
    in the mail
    the news of your death

    Surprisingly in tune-ish. By the way. Thank you for that. I’m saying that loud in case you can’t hear me.

    the news of your death.
    out of tune
    with your last mail

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