a stab
            of joy



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  1. Julie Schwerin Says:

    How delightful! Or even delightfully wicked?! "Stab", indeed! A sunshaft does resemble something capable of piercing flesh! And sometimes joy does creep up on us.
    The surprise of it can be so jarring it makes us mindful of sensation again perhaps after an interval of numbness to emotion, similar to the way extreme cold can burn. And similar to the way the word "joy"
    jumps out at the end of this poem. A power-packed 5-word poem!

  2. Janice Campbell Says:

    Stopped me in my tracks. Like it!

  3. Nancy Rapp Says:

    Beautiful and one of my favorite moments. Julie picking up on word choice has me going back again!

  4. NichaelCramer Says:

    “sunshaft” is such a perfect word here.
    Concise, exact, piercing.

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