stamp album
a page from a country
that no longer is

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Great to see this again!

    A lot of countries are still under threat, I wonder how many pages of stamps belong almost on a fictional plane?

  2. Autumn N. Hall Says:

    Interesting capture of change, Linda—makes me wonder how many other things we buy into will be invalidated by time, and how many don't really exist to begin with. Alan mentions the "fictional plane." Surely this includes the imaginary borders we draw around countries, which, barring the Great Wall of China, are entirely invisible from space. "a country that no longer is" indeed.

    cupping our hands
    to dip into the stream
    of digital content
    we come up

  3. Greg Longenecker Says:

    Linda. Great haiku. You. Say so much sbout our changing world.

  4. darius Says:

    email about philately.
    my father’s land was
    Soviet occupied

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