still seeking
a hill to die on
my father at ninety-two


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  1. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    This is extremely powerful. Thank you!

  2. duplexofthedamned Says:

    Thank you, Valerie!

  3. LYNNE REES Says:

    This is particularly poignant for my local community at the moment as an elderly man, who loved walking the mountain paths, went out a week ago and hasn't been seen since. Everyone is hoping for his safe return but at the same time feel that the mountains are where he would have liked to spend his last days.

  4. duplexofthedamned Says:

    This poignant story is a poem in itself. Thank you, Lynne.

  5. Alma M Pesiri Says:

    caught my breath in my throat

  6. duplexofthedamned Says:

    Wow! Thank you, Alma.

  7. Fred Peterson Says:

    Cowboy Dad broke steeds
    For WWI Calvary
    Across the Great Plains

  8. duplexofthedamned Says:

    I really like this, Fred. In their footsteps, willingly or not…

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