graduation day
the upward tumble
of starlings

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  1. Mark Forrester Says:

    Beautiful imagery!

  2. vawoerdehoffgmailcom Says:


  3. Alan Summers Says:

    graduation day
    the upward tumble
    of starlings

    —Wendy Toth-Notarnicola

    Wonderful use of juxtaposition! Astute use of verb for the starlings and also those graduation caps, sparkling in sunlight, sometimes light drizzle.

    Starlings or caps, starlings and caps, both tumbling.

    Terrific gift of a haiku for us to read and admire, and feel!

  4. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    A wonderful haiku, full of feeling!

  5. ann Says:

    the downward spiral of ravens

  6. Marion Clarke Says:

    So visual, Wendy! I’ll think of this at my daughter’s graduation ceremony this Friday.


  7. Wendy Says:

    Thank you, everyone. I truly appreciate the comments.

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