the choices we make distant thunder


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  1. ingridbaluchi Says:

    How can one know what's right, what's wrong, what's sensible, what's attention-grabbing. I'm thinking right now, with fewer than 20 hours' oxygen left, what those poor souls are going through in that submersible.

  2. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thanks, Ingrid. Whatever choices we make reverberate through our lives and those of everyone around us. But we're usually not aware of the ripples our own stones make in the lives of others – or of the thunder that rumbles in the distance.

  3. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Beautifully put, Jennifer, and I absolutely agree.

  4. vawoerdehoffgmailcom Says:

    Love this, Jennifer!

  5. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you, Valorie!

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