Sunday church service
holding my attention
the sun through stained glass

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  1. marilynhazelton Says:

    So wonderful! Literally just what I needed today.

  2. Magyar Says:

    __Grand Adelaide… I truely enjoy your you[re verse !

    All thought's and reflections, generates a "reader / writer's" hidden sunshine.

    steps into nature'z dantz
    todayz waltz

    Smilze !

  3. darius s. Says:

    sun from one
    side to other
    thin bible sheets
    Jesus bleeds through

  4. darius s. Says:

    christmas eve morning
    with barely a flurry
    sparrows hopping branches

  5. darius s. Says:

    end of december
    world upside-down
    through the beer in the glass

  6. darius s. Says:

    sunday morning
    her own
    tea loudly
    before company
    comes to leave

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