shelling peas—
each passing year
like the one before

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  1. magyar Says:

    delete this… only

  2. Magyar Says:

    reflections enterd here
    step to dis-union's rattle
    tell me to wonder

  3. darius s. Says:

    fireworks spill up –
    new year’s midnight
    fills phone with emojis

  4. darius s. Says:

    window sill
    oft repainted

    new year’s moon
    waxing gibbous
    whiskers of black cat

    new year’s moment .
    light before sound
    reaches across cat face

    another year
    i wish i could afford
    my parent’s headstone

  5. darius s Says:

    these were supposed to print in groups of 3 , just a cppyhain of what i was seeing at moment. thank you. Happy New Year Y'all. Is New Year a haiku season of its own?

  6. darius s. Says:


  7. darius s. Says:

    mumbling the tradition song
    never actually learned.
    new year’s moment
    passing not
    how i didn’t know
    you had died.
    and then i did.
    But like a corporate event.

    clock wrists’ perfumed.
    everyone is allowed
    to drink.
    looking forward to spending
    some time
    how maudlin you kept yourself.
    how you kept hope hilted
    and heart hungry.
    how we’d be sharing this beer..


    hawk preens
    what may turn
    into a flurry

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