Submissions to tinywords 24.1 — and a new writing prompt

A photograph of the Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104 (M104).

Tinywords 23.2 has now ended with Paul David Mena’s senryu “smooth jazz”. We will be on pause until the next issue, 24.1, begins at the end of March.

The submission window for tinywords 24.1 opened on February 1st and closed on February 29, 2024.

To keep things lively while we work on the next issue, we present a new writing prompt: A photo image of the Sombrero Galaxy, Messier 104, taken by the Hubble telescope. A galaxy so named for its shape’s resemblance to that of the Mexican hat. This glittering galaxy is 30,000,000 light years away and 50,000 light years wide. Proportions and distances that large are hard to wrap one’s mind around.  But we hope the enormity and beauty of our universe will inspire you to write a tiny poem or two.

Be sure to share them with us: Leave your best efforts in response to the photo prompt in the comment box below and the tinywords editorial team will share the best of the best in tinywords 24.1, due out in late March, 2024.

Thanks again for dropping by. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

Be well,

The editors


NOTE Feb. 14: We’ve been having problems with the commenting system. We’re hoping that people can post now without having to log in. If you posted a comment earlier, and it doesn’t appear here, please re-post it (and please accept our apologies).

68 Responses

  1. martin1223 Says:

    windowpane a breath against the winter night

  2. Laurie Greer Says:

    anywhere I hang my hat
    is home—
    sombrero galaxy

  3. Brittany Hause Says:

    . SMBH .
    warps stars / wefts dust / spectroscopal
    . hat-trick .

  4. David Q Hutcheson-Tipton Says:


    it’s a star maker
    and deep-space vacuum cleaner
    time to tip your hat

  5. ingridbaluchi Says:

    at the family's center
    lighting up the room

  6. ingridbaluchi Says:

    cruising . . .
    the deadly intent
    of another missile

  7. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    seen through a lens

    the galaxy seems

    a frisbee neatly-thrown

  8. Laurie Greer Says:

    worn coin—
    date lost
    in the light

  9. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    a spinning disc

    extending to us

    the music of spheres

  10. Olivier Schopfer Says:

    the relevance
    of micropoetry

  11. Brittany Hause Says:

    the beauty of it
    thirty-one million years ago

  12. Refika Dedić Says:

    night silence
    where to hang

  13. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    at the crack of dawn I get prepared to sail upon final galaxy

  14. Laurie Greer Says:

    finding our mirror image
    in the stars

  15. Natalia Kuznetsova Says:

    you and I
    drifting apart …

  16. Sam Bateman Says:

    tipping my hat to
    a hubble masterpiece—
    sombrero galaxy

  17. Sam Bateman Says:

    tipping my hat to
    a Hubble masterpiece—
    Sombrero Galaxy

    (Correction—forgot to capitalize)

  18. Joanne van Helvoort Says:

    deep winter
    the darkness
    beyond the stars

  19. Alvaro Carrasquel G. Says:

    a stellar disc illuminating infinite blackness

  20. Alvaro Carrasquel G. Says:

    floating in the vast silence
    Sombrero Galaxy

  21. Petra L Golob Says:

    floating above
    among sweet stars
    a huge pancake

  22. Alan Summers Says:

    It seems it was removed, so trying again:

    ring galaxy forgive me the plums so cold

    after WCW

    Alan Summers

  23. rainshin Says:

    Mexican galaxy
    a shimmering tortilla
    filled with stars

  24. F.J. Bergmann Says:

    from far enough away
    stars only a haze of light
    childhood trauma

  25. Claudette Russell Says:

    light years away
    reinvents itself

  26. Claudette Russell Says:

    light years away
    reinvents itself

  27. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    stardust you had me at infinity

  28. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    spark of urgency
    all good things
    enlighten me

  29. Claudette Russell Says:

    Hubble photo
    closing the distance
    between the known and unknown

  30. Tombo Rogers Says:

    A glowing dewdrop
    captured in a spiders web
    gaze into the night

  31. Amin Jack Pedziwiater Says:

    cloudless dotted night
    and only a dream of worlds

  32. Alan Summers Says:

    castle clouds
    how the cake decorations
    jump a little in traffic

  33. Ana Drobot Says:

    end of story –
    a hat full of stars
    left behind

  34. Ana Drobot Says:

    sombrero galaxy –
    enough space left
    for my dreams

  35. Ana Drobot Says:

    sombrero galaxy –
    the many versions
    of myself

  36. Marcie Wessels Says:

    where starlight becomes lamplight Emma Lazarus

  37. Tracy Davidson Says:

    powerful telescope
    the whole enchilada

  38. Tracy Davidson Says:

    a brimful
    of space dust

  39. Rich Schilling Says:

    scattered stars
    the child’s first night
    as a refugee

  40. Sam Bateman Says:

    another galaxy
    the new neighbor
    I know by name only

  41. Adam Simpson Says:

    crispy pancakes
    an early start for work
    amongst the stars

  42. Claudette Russell Says:

    distant galaxy
    billions of stars
    to wish upon

  43. tinywords librarian Says:

    gossamer pinhole stars on the rise

    — Helen Buckingham
    (I’m posting this on her behalf)

  44. tinywords librarian Says:

    dog day
    a frisbee too far

    — Helen Buckingham
    (posted on her behalf)

  45. Rich Schilling Says:


  46. Claudette Russell Says:

    black hole
    of loneliness
    surrounded by stars

  47. Linda Albertson Says:

    dark is still dark, stars
    harness our imaginings
    my sight’s not so good

  48. Vishal Prabhu Says:

    go far enough &
    everything’s a lot less
    Messier 104

  49. Vishal Prabhu Says:

    earthly quibble
    no head big enough
    nor in these clouds

  50. Charlene Corin Brunner Says:

    chapeau! distant swirl

    of brilliant stars suns worlds

    sparking imaginations

  51. Monica Kakkar Says:

    woven in Virgo . . .
    an ode to murasaki
    welcoming the stars

  52. Monica Kakkar Says:

    spirals in the dark
    brimful of eternity . . .
    lilac lover’s knot

  53. tinywords librarian Says:

    darkest hour
    I scour the hob
    far from home

    –Helen Buckingham

  54. Kim Klugh Says:

    sombrero galaxy
    full of light years
    dark and deep

    sombrero galaxy
    full of dark sky
    light years wide

  55. Robert Henry Says:

    pa’s cigar
    in moonlight

  56. Padma Rajeswari Says:

    celestial rings
    a quest unfurls
    to find my purpose

  57. Monica Kakkar Says:

    sombrero leaves me somber
    the space between us

  58. Monica Kakkar Says:

    leap day of leap year
    leapfrogs beyond the yonder—
    brim of sombrero

  59. M. Shayne Bell Says:

    cat on my shoulder . . .
    to see the full Moon

  60. Vishal Prabhu Says:

    sombrero afloat
    adrift——the wearer
    of many hats

  61. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    light years away
    the galaxy’s view
    host to a host of light

  62. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    light years away
    sobrero’s view
    host to a host of light

  63. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    light years away
    the sombrero
    host to a host of light

  64. Piet van Sluijs Says:

    beyond your skies
    where people never went
    you can see clearly

  65. Jan Som Says:

    the great alien
    doesn’t take his hat off
    for hubble

  66. Jan Som Says:

    a frozen moment
    of a time long past
    comes to life

  67. Jan Som Says:

    beneath the hat brim
    your eyes shine heavenly bright

  68. Vishal Prabhu Says:

    over bowed heads
    unseen halos

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