About Michele Root-Bernstein

Michele Root-Bernstein mostly devotes herself to the serious play of haiku, haibun and other haikai arts. Her work appears in haiku journals at home and abroad, as well as A New Resonance 6, Echoes 2, and Scent of the Past . . . Imperfect from Two Autumns Press. Her e-chapbook, Wind Rose, is available for free download from the Snapshot Press website. Her first solo collection, Plainsong, won the Snapshot Book Award for 2022. Michele’s experience as a haiku poet feeds into her professional study of creative imagination—and vice versa. Together with her husband Bob, she wrote Sparks of Genius, The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People, still in print after twenty years. In all that time, nothing has beaten the thrill of getting haiku or haibun just right.

By Michele Root-Bernstein: