new coolness
the blueberry bushes
picked clean


9 Responses

  1. @andreochka Says:

    WonderfLul image: love it!

  2. lornacahall Says:

    spare and elegant…very nice

  3. george carvalho Says:

    nice juxtapostion of sensory experience…thank you


  4. harrisfr Says:

    The bear that was there is visitble!

  5. mary g Says:

    ….oh, nicely done…..

  6. @MerrillGonzales Says:

    purple lip kisses

  7. Cara Holman Says:

    thank you all! :)

  8. Bouwe Brouwer Says:

    Very cool!

  9. Kath Abela Wislon Says:

    This beautiful airy emptiness… with a mystery as to who and how… and yet the clarity of the berries being gone… much can be implied, felt from this as the season changes…love your haiku.

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