new coolness
the blueberry bushes
picked clean


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  1. @andreochka Says:

    WonderfLul image: love it!

  2. lornacahall Says:

    spare and elegant…very nice

  3. george carvalho Says:

    nice juxtapostion of sensory experience…thank you


  4. harrisfr Says:

    The bear that was there is visitble!

  5. mary g Says:

    ….oh, nicely done…..

  6. @MerrillGonzales Says:

    purple lip kisses

  7. Cara Holman Says:

    thank you all! :)

  8. Bouwe Brouwer Says:

    Very cool!

  9. Kath Abela Wislon Says:

    This beautiful airy emptiness… with a mystery as to who and how… and yet the clarity of the berries being gone… much can be implied, felt from this as the season changes…love your haiku.

  10. Maryland Says:

    We need more insgihts like this in this thread.

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