Trees blossom into coral
polyps and wave. Tiny bright
squid in shades of pigeon-feet
pink litter concrete sidewalks.

Previously published in A Handful of Stones: June 8, 2009

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  1. syllable?17 Says:

    A heady mix.

    autumnal magic
    mushrooms we dried for springtime
    have come home to roost

    ? s?17

  2. thank you, tinywords – Stoney Moss Says:

    […] of mine is at tinywords (and the trees who inspired it last year are at it […]

  3. deb Says:

    Thank you.

    (I like your magic.)

  4. carolee Says:

    not a wasted word. beautiful!

  5. Froggy Says:


  6. martin1223 Says:

    April bullpen
    the ball’s sound shifts
    the blossoms

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