3 a.m.
the dog fetches
yet another stick

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  1. kaye laird Says:

    I love your work! You’re an inspiration??and your web site is spectacular. So glad you’re sharing.

  2. Tom Chapman Says:

    Winter wren hopping
    fast from fir limb to fir limb.
    Yellow lab squats to piss.

  3. Garry Eaton Says:

    A doggone dogged dog, Ray.

  4. Allison Millcock Says:

    Nice one Ray. Makes me think of counting sheep. Hope you’ve slept better since…

  5. syllable?17 Says:

    Your haiku (or is it a senryu?) works for me, Ray Rasmussen – although I would be in me bed earlier than 3am, dog or no dog!

    twig in beak
    a crow flies over a dog

    ? ?17

    An all-season ‘mu-ki’ [‘no season’] ‘topic’ [theme] or ‘keyword’ [to link themes] is allowed in Japanese haiku rules. Muki can stand in for a ‘kigo’ [seasonal reference]. Throwing a stick for a dog, like skipping a stone over water, or kite flying, are muki, therefore haiku events [rather than senryu, or zappai].

  6. Sue Knapp Says:

    It has to be a Lab.

  7. Helen Ruggieri Says:

    Nice one, Ray. I love dogku.

  8. syllable?17 Says:

    Here's a dogku, Helen Ruggieri :


    chilly spring day
    her dog sits
    on my shoe

  9. Bruce Says:

    It has to be a Lab.

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