Call for submissions.

We are now reading submissions for the next issue of tinywords. We’ll accept submissions through September 30.

Please see our submissions page for guidelines and a submissions form.

For this issue, we’re looking for haiku and short poems with an urban theme.

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  2. site Says:

    I hope there will be great haiku that will be submitted.

  3. contact us Says:

    Hello! Do you have the results? Keep us updated!

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    Briliant observation by you both, Barbara Kaufmann and Marianne Paul, both tugging on the heart strings.

  5. Albany Decks Says:

    Are there any updates to the winners?

  6. Says:

    The winner must have been given a lot of opportunities to write their pieces.

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    There is a lot of talented artists and poet out there. I hope they can see the latest call and participate here. :)

  9. Jen Jennifer Says:

    Glad to visit this one. Keep on posting.

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