Introduction to Issue 10.3

Welcome to tinywords 10.3.

cover image for tinywords issue 10.3 bookYou can read all of the poems in issue 10.3 right here. I also invite you to check out the tinywords 10.3 e-book, a nicely laid-out PDF you can read online or download.

We also offer a lovely print edition of tinywords 10.3 for $10.

The e-book and print edition have cover art generously supplied by Anne Smith, an artist and illustrator.

This issue has an urban theme, so most of the haiku, tanka and other very short poems you’ll see in the upcoming months have to do with cities (even if very loosely).

I’m very proud of the poetry that we’ll be featuring in this issue. Once again we were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of submissions, and it was difficult to say no to many of them. I think that the 50-odd poems we’ve selected are very good, and I hope you’ll agree.

This issue would not have been possible without the enthusiastic, able, and intelligent help of assistant editors Peter Newton, David Serjeant and John Emil Vincent.

The cover art (of the Empire State building) is based on a photograph by Thomas Hawk, and is used under a Creative Commons license.

The tinywords website runs on WordPress and is hosted by Birdhouse Hosting.

If you are interested in helping with future issues of tinywords, either by editing or by helping with print design and layout, contact me please: dylan (at) tinywords dot com. You may also want to consider making a donation to tinywords to help offset our web hosting fees.

updated June 2011 with links to e-book and print edition

24 Responses

  1. martin1223 Says:

    What a great building! I can see my old dentist's office. I remember when I was ten on the open level and looked through one of the hurricane fence links down at the street and saw all those ants with toy cars:

    passing tugboat
    the smell of blossoms

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Looking forward to some good examples of urban haiku and micropoetry.

    Nothing sinister about my haiku by the way. ;-)

    hot sandwiches
    the railing spikes collect
    children's gloves

    Alan Summers
    Presence #41 ISSN 1366-5367 (2010)

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  16. Maryam Miahan Says:

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  17. site Says:

    Nice set of poems. They are all beautifully writtem.

  18. click Says:

    It may be short but it stirs emotions.

  19. John Says:

    This is nice! Thank you.

  20. check us out Says:

    Interesting! Hope to read all the poems.

  21. John Says:

    There seems to be a problem with the link. It leads me to nowhere.

  22. click Says:

    Probably you have an antivirus that needs to turn off.

  23. Tacoma Landscapings Says:

    I love reading poems. It is my fashion and my everyday habit.

  24. Larry Says:

    This was a great issue, thanks!

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