goodbye hugs—
all the places
where we touch




Previously published in ant4; antbook; border lands.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    I love the mood: in this haiku there's a sort of melancholy that I like very much… well done!

  2. wood Says:

    Was not a haiku a nature obsevastion? Not comenting in anger has 5-7-5 bit the dust also
    Revisiting the scene? no ofense

  3. Norman Says:

    Wonderful ku, Jim – warmly touching (unintended pun but happy with it)

    Wood, I'd classify this as a seasonless haiku, though I know there are varying views on the haiku/senryu distinction in English. As to 5-7-5, the majority of literary haiku in English have been written free-form for a couple of decades now.

  4. Alison Hedlund Says:

    I love the suggestive passion of this one. Delightful!

  5. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    (For Wood)

    what is a haiku —
    your wine reflects the moonlight,
    mine doesn't — we drink

  6. khyati Says:


  7. Peg Duthie Says:

    Oooh. Like this a lot.

  8. martin1223 Says:

    summer dusk
    coupled fireflies stick to the heat

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