New issue starting next week

tinywords will begin a new issue on Monday, June 27.

It’s taken more than the usual amount of time to get this issue together, due to some complications in my own life. (It’s mostly all good: busy-ness with my kids, new job, in-laws visiting.) As usual, I couldn’t have done it without the assiduous and generous help of tinywords’ board of editors:

Kathe L. Palka,

Peter Newton,

David Serjeant, and

John Emil Vincent.

As always, we read submissions blind (without seeing the authors’ names), rank the submissions through voting, and discuss many of the works in the queue. Every submission gets reviewed at least once by each editor, and sometimes is read many more times than that, although editors don’t vote or comment on their own work, if they’ve submitted anything. I make the final selections, keeping in mind the preferences and arguments of the other editors.

Out of 330 submissions (many of which included 3-5 poems) I’ve selected 69 pieces that I think are excellent, including tanka, haiga, and haibun as well as haiku. There is a range from traditional to experimental. I hope you enjoy this issue.

The background image for this issue is a photograph by Susan Barnett.

7 Responses

  1. Diane Says:

    Many thanks for the hard work and enjoyment we all have in reading such works!!


  2. Peter Newton Says:

    Time to stick our heads in the clouds. . .love the background, dylan.
    Can't wait to read the poems again.


  3. Edgar Ladouceur Says:

    Always a real treat to receive same a short burst of stimulus in one's busy life…

  4. snowbirdpress Says:

    the rain ceases
    humidity rises in heat
    and skunk aroma

    At least the rain stopped. Hope this posts…

  5. E.T. Says:

    skunky aromas
    force olfactory senses
    to dance endlessly

  6. martin1223 Says:

    leaf shadows
    the sound of a breeze

  7. snowbirdpress Says:

    wind chimes
    tinkling a song only lovers
    can hear

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