shadows fold within shadows of the rose

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  1. snowbirdpress Says:

    unfolding petals release aroma into the air

  2. Patricia Carragon Says:


  3. Alan Summers Says:

    By the way, you should really consider the Snapshot Press Collection Competition which allows for 1 line/1 line haiku as well as three line haiku.

    Just google


  4. kathy Says:

    crimson petals arch into the breath of summer

  5. Terry Johnson Says:

    unnoticed shadows cast by thorns

  6. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    Great to see T.W. back. M.G.C. always a great poet. Curious on status of summission #7383 never received word.


  7. E.T. Says:

    ancient, sacred geometry
    shows it's face
    through this blessed rose

  8. astraealynn Says:

    roses peddle love
    petals disperse beauty, grace
    geometric hips

  9. astraealynn Says:

    venus love nectar
    rose belly full of body
    beautiful in bloom

  10. astraealynn Says:

    lamenting her death
    tear drops like rain drops, nurture
    finally i see

  11. E.T. Says:

    as tears drop like rain
    the foliage begins to drink
    why don't i grow too?

  12. astraealynn Says:

    you're always growing
    though the process may be slow

  13. E.T. Says:

    as we all evolve
    living, laughing, and loving
    growing in ALL WAYS
    shapeshifting and evolving
    'till we meet the end

  14. astraealynn Says:

    we meet the end, omega
    energy dispersed, collectively
    wholly rebirth'd, alpha
    we circle the earth

  15. E.T. Says:

    starstruck and tongue-tied i stumble to follow you linguistically

    ^^nice 1

  16. Penny Harter Says:

    Lovely poem, Martin. Good to know you're writing!

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