Writing prompt for issue 14.2

Seaside bench photo by Craig: https://www.flickr.com/photos/salinaspoet/79446431/

For the tinywords issue 14.2 writing prompt we’ve chosen a bench along Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove, California. (Image courtesy of Craig.) We hope you’ll have a seat and spend a little time here inspired by the power and beauty of the surf. Let your thoughts soar with that seagull flying along the coast. Write a tiny poem or two. We invite you to add your best efforts to the comment box below.

We’ll include the stand-out poems in our forthcoming issue, tinywords 14.2, due out in early September.

Regular submissions will also continue to be accepted for the fall issue at our submission page through Friday, August 22nd.

Thanks for stopping by.

153 Responses

  1. Theresa C. Says:

    summer's end
    sea spray slips between
    absent hands

  2. Dru Philippou Says:

    Wonderful work, Theresa.

  3. white_sage Says:

    The ghost on the bench
    Wants you to see what he sees
    But the void's in the way

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    his voice before the breakup thundering waves

  5. Helen Buckingham Says:

    the edge

  6. Charline Pocock Says:

    sea to waves to rocks
    to spray to flight of seagull

  7. Charline Pocock Says:

    I think of the bench
    across the bay

  8. Dilwala Says:

    blue sea
    becomes blue sky
    a gull dives
    erasing the line
    to infinity

  9. Ronald Grognet Says:

    family storm–
    dangerous rip tides
    begin to form

    getting ready
    for what's not here–
    hurricane season

    drinking in
    beautiful sunsets–
    the horizon and I

  10. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    all that lives
    in memory
    as I read at home

  11. Elizbeth Says:

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