the sound of water forgotten drought

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  1. kalaramesh Says:

    Good one, Sheila!

  2. Sheila Sondik Says:

    Thank you, Kala!

  3. Christopher Pickslay Says:


    drought year
    a patchwork
    of lupine

  4. Magyar Says:

    Nifty one line haiku, Sheila!

    a rare rain
    this thirst dog bites each drop
    dusty leaves

    The above echo, my mere response to your haiku. _m

  5. Kathe L. Palka Says:

    SheiIa, I love the way meaning in your monostich folds in on itself leading this reader to experience both the drought and its possible ending. Is it the drought that has been forgotten now that the rain has come, or is it the sound of rain that has been forgotten in the midst of ongoing drought?

  6. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    Or the sound of running water exacerbating the drought…

  7. Peter Newton Says:

    the grass
    surrenders to hay
    the lake
    no longer supplied
    by the stream

  8. Sheila Sondik Says:

    Enjoying all the poems and comments. Thank you!

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    The sound of water is so revitalising but easily ignored until we are in a mess.

    A very thought-provoking haiku.

    warm regards,


  10. purehaiku Says:

    love the way you use so few words to convey so much

  11. Pravat Says:

    Nice one-line haiku, Sheila.

  12. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Clever monostich!


  13. Seren Fargo Says:

    This is definitely up there with my favorite haiku.

  14. joolo Says:

    that happens

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