this vagabond life-
symmetry in the wings of
a butterfly

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  1. Marie Shimane Says:

    Absolutely lovely! Symmetry stays even as we wander.

  2. madhurip Says:

    Love it.

  3. dawn apanius Says:

    Love it, too!

  4. kalaramesh Says:

    Good one, Kash.
    Fresh and it's nicely done!

  5. Magyar Says:

    __Just my humble echo to your fine haiku, Kashinath; the symmetry, that mirrored image of a butterfly's wings. _m

    a monarch
    its wings on the soft breeze
    this essence

  6. jayashree Says:

    Niiice KP! Totally unlike your usual, if I may say so

  7. Shrikaanth K. Murthy Says:

    Nice one Kashi- order in disorder.

  8. Kashinath Karmakar Says:

    Thanks to all of you for your inspiring words!It means a lot to me.

  9. Kashinath Karmakar Says:

    Magyar,that is a lovely haiku!

  10. Magyar Says:

    I truly thank you Kashinath; each wing, an essence of the other._m

  11. Yesha Shah Says:

    Wonderfully done! Loved "vagabond life".

  12. Alison H. Says:

    Life comes full circle, and one may in the course of things gain the freedom to become a vagabond, flitting here and there……very nice!

  13. Vidya Says:

    Good one! though I must say I did not get this in one go…but on re-reading this I find this absolutely wonderful!

  14. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    A lovely sense of freedom in this.


  15. Alan Summers Says:

    this vagabond life-
    symmetry in the wings of
    a butterfly

    Ah, but Kash, we also have symmetry in our wings, if we acknowledge. :-)
    Sirocco winds-
    the leaves spinning out
    of butterfly dreams

    Alan Summers
    Scope vol 60 no. 4 (May 2014)


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