dandelion clock
my grandchildren think
I’m a grown-up

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  1. kalaramesh Says:

    Absolutely lovely, Bill.

  2. @andreochka Says:

    This is a beautiful haiku, Bill…

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Always a delight to see a Bill Kenney poem, it's always an occasion.

    warm regards,


  4. Garry Says:

    a yellow flower
    in a sidewalk crack
    tooth of the lion

  5. Dawn Says:

    Wonderful work Bill…as usual!

  6. Magyar Says:

    As always, Bill !

  7. chief276 Says:

    Thanks, everyone. Michelle's response (age 8): "No, I don't."

    I like the ku, Garry.

  8. Alan Summers Says:

    Probably my 7 year old nephew will mostly not think I'm adult, especially as we play war games as pirates using laser guns occasionally, not just swords. :-)

  9. iris Says:

    I like Bill's pieces :) and he knows that :)

  10. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ah, lovely, Bill :)

    oak tree
    realising I grow older
    but not wiser

  11. promosyon Says:

    Nice sharing thanks.

  12. hammerandtongs Says:


    my grandchildren think
    I’m a grown-up

    and then I show them the dandelion clock we used to tell the time with when we were young! Silly gramps.

  13. konya matbaa Says:

    Wonderful job

  14. eski?ehir matbaa Says:

    Nice sharing thanks.

  15. Grafik Tasar?m Says:

    Wonderful job

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