mother’s eulogy
finally I tell her
what she wanted to hear


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  1. Valentina Says:

    This haiku has a haunting quality to it and captures the complexity of family relationships.

  2. T. Johnson Says:

    Quite beautiful and poignant. Captures the sometimes fraught relationship between mothers and daughters.

  3. Magyar Says:

    as I now speak
    my thoughts I should have shared;
    in mind and eye, your heart should feel
    the care..

    __Debbi, your 'deep sense' verse says, 'tis never too late.. _m

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    mother’s eulogy
    finally I tell her
    what she wanted to hear

    It is amazing how we come to the right place with our parents, but in the last days or at our memorial speech.
    Both my mothers died within four days of each other. I managed to see my birth mother just a short time before she passed. My adoptive mother, in her last days, began to realise how much I had done, and that I would make sure she would be okay to her last days.
    Each last meeting I learned a little more about the parts I did not know.

    baby photos
    ?from my birth mother…?
    how do I say hello to me?

    Alan Summers

    Publications credits:
    The Heron’s Nest (Vol XIV, No. 2: June, 2012)
    The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem: Daily Haiku December 2012 (31 poems): Children

  5. Shrikaanth k. Murthy Says:

    Totally love this Debbi.

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh, this is sad. Very touching, Debbi.


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