Writing prompt for tinywords 16.2

Lone Tree in Fairy Lake, by Jean Beaufort

Lone Tree in Fairy Lake, by Jean Beaufort


Sometimes, a picture can trigger words. An image elicits emotion. This is a guiding principle behind the writing of haiku. And perhaps other short poems. While we continue to accept regular submissions for the next issue of tinywords (16.2) through the end of August, we invite you to get lost for a little while in this photo of a lone tree in Vancouver Island?s Fairy Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Put your best effort(s) in the comment box and we’ll select what we think is the best of the best to start the new issue 16.2 due out in September.?

Meanwhile, it’s still the height of summer, or winter, depending on where you are. So get out and enjoy the season. Each has its own pleasures. Oh yeah, and submit to tinywords. Thanks.

All Best,

The Editors

257 Responses

  1. MarkDanowsky Says:

    green shimmer–
    a tree unlike man
    can be an island

  2. MarkDanowsky Says:

    green reflection–
    a tree unlike man
    can be an island

  3. Pamela Corbett Says:

    water flowing-
    the tree rises

  4. MarkDanowsky Says:

    even solitary
    light locates

  5. Mayr Taylor Says:

    Growing old alone
    Enveloped in reflection
    Peaceful solitude

  6. Bethany Warburton Says:

    The mossy mitten

    Clasps a light green parasol

    The water below sighs

  7. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    I love this, especially the last line!

  8. Chris Grant Says:

    Bonsai tree stands alone

    Sunlight ripples on Basho’s pond

  9. MarkDanowsky Says:

    a tree stands
    without forest
    sea breeze whistle

  10. Alan Summers Says:

    lone sapling
    more shadows grow
    under the sun

  11. Alan Summers Says:

    so many lost faces
    in the roots of the tree
    summer turns

  12. donnafleischer Says:

    It releases a sense of the uncanny and then one discovers yet another level. Brilliance, Alan.

  13. Alan Summers Says:

    Thank you Donna, very much appreciated. Yes, I always try to have another level of meaning or meanings in my work.

    warmest regards,


  14. Alan Summers Says:

    at right angles
    ripples in the shine
    autumn deepens

  15. Alan Summers Says:

    when the sun was tall
    with us in the saddle

  16. Mary Hyland Says:

    Little tree
    Grasping rock
    Beauty in stillness

  17. MarkDanowsky Says:

    a lone tree
    brittle branches
    sea wind

  18. feclark Says:

    sky kissing sanctuary,
    on each needle sparkles dew –
    stars fall to calm water

  19. Alan Summers Says:

    the sun growing
    another set of shadows
    autumn deepens

  20. Tsanka Says:

    autumn shadows …
    the shadows of our life
    the sunrise is so beauty

  21. Carma Says:

    old lake monster
    died and a tree
    grew up from its head

  22. Tsanka Says:

    swan lake
    charming island
    with tree-umbrella

  23. voimaoy Says:

    this sparkling world–
    a dream
    at dawn

  24. Christa Pandey Says:

    Rock in water
    Tree on rock

  25. Maddy Says:

    lone tree
    grows in a lake
    despite it all

  26. fjbergmann Says:

    tree over water
    catching sunlight
    on the rebound

  27. projectwords11 Says:

    these crowded streets
    the solitude
    I choose to seek

  28. Tony Yang Says:

    A stand, a stand-
    Rain, wind, sun,
    Over shimmering waves

  29. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    mid summer

    the sun slips into the lake

    without a sound

  30. poetrycatt Says:


  31. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Thank you!

  32. Joyce Clement Says:

    calling the stone's companion
    lone cypress

  33. dl mattila Says:

    its appeal
    still up in the air
    floating bonsai

    [Presence 55]

  34. Carole MacRury Says:

    100th birthday–
    a piece of cake for being
    the last of his family

  35. Carole MacRury Says:

    nursing home. . .
    a single candle to celebrate
    his hundred years

  36. JoHanna Says:


  37. donnafleischer Says:

    It's beauty stuns. Thank you, Carole.

  38. mj sullivan Says:

    gracefully passing
    alone yet company shared
    buoyant souvenir

  39. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    root over rock
    sinking the chi just
    that much farther

  40. Kathy Johnson Says:

    both soft and hard
    hope full

  41. Margarita Engle Says:

    green solitude
    on an island of wishes
    roots grow

  42. Karen Semo Says:

    pull the plug
    loneliness swirls
    down the drain

  43. kathylippardcobb Says:

    gloaming . . .
    the bayou tree deep
    in its reflection

  44. Nan Bagwell Payne Says:

    all alone
    but not lonely,
    late summer breeze

  45. Pasquale Asprea Says:

    Twilight breeze –

    a cuckoo’s song flows

    on the water surface

  46. James Westbrooks Says:

    cross dark water
    in my shade rest and
    my loneliness fill

  47. James Westbrooks Says:

    I've agonized over that "and" so here's an alternate version:

    cross dark water
    in my shade rest
    my loneliness fill

  48. Diane Iovanov Says:

    speckled light
    dreams under your limbs
    the water reflects you

  49. Terra Martin Says:

    alive yet
    set in stone…
    family ancestors

  50. H. Edgar Hix Says:

    island photo
    considering an illusion
    of the Illusion

  51. marykendall Says:

    tangled roots
    hold fast
    to their story

  52. marykendall Says:

    outstretched branches greet
    the morning sun

  53. Diane Iovanov Says:

    alone I drift
    the clouds surround me
    a bird perches

  54. Mariia Bashmakova Says:

    lonely living tree.
    a grey expanse of water.
    alive and full of hope.

  55. marykendall Says:

    alone …
    only you to reach out
    to the world

  56. H. Edgar Hix Says:

    Tree. Island. Water.
    In 100 meters.

  57. Terra Martin Says:

    the ripples of

  58. marykendall Says:

    autumn leaves —
    one by one by one
    losing you

  59. Judy Kamilhor Says:

    rain storms the rock

    on Fairy Lake,

    returning a trickle

  60. H. Edgar Hix Says:

    Water, island, and tree
    in the photo. Birds?
    The picture has forgotten.

  61. H. Edgar Hix Says:

    Tiny island between
    the big tree
    and bigger water.

  62. Ken Allan Dronsfield Says:

    smallish little green tree
    hardened tempests have lost
    a grip on true reality

  63. H. Edgar Hix Says:

    Tree not my brolly.
    Island not my head.
    Rain still the rain.

  64. Tsanka Says:

    loneliness tree
    in rock island

  65. Alan Bern Says:

    bonsai towers
    from pond rock
    island time

  66. Tsanka Says:

    autumn rain
    under tree-umbrela
    water nymph

  67. Tracy Davidson Says:

    quiet reflection
    life finds a way

  68. Trilla Pando Says:

    evening beckons
    the flow goes
    rock-rooted I stay

  69. dhunterb Says:

    An island

    Of thrusting hope:

    Rock solid!!

  70. Andrew Brier Says:

    life on earth
    and the endless

  71. Perry L. Powell Says:

    on my own
    all our roots
    hold water

  72. Lisa Chavez Says:

    Go to Fairy Lake
    sit on lone tree rock
    watch the shimmer

  73. Fureya Says:

    Vancouver’s lone tree
    Resilient and powerful
    Inspiration of life

  74. penhart Says:

    after chemotherapy
    greening like the lone tree—
    roots among rocks

  75. poetrycatt Says:

    wonderful : )

  76. penhart Says:

    Just saw this, months later. Thanks so much!

  77. Tsanka Says:

    gentle breeze
    rippling moonlight water
    under lonely tree

  78. Don Boes Says:

    Single branch connects
    rock and sky. Many spirits
    connect heaven and earth.

  79. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    The structure expresses a keen insight.

  80. Brandon Bordelon Says:

    rootless tree–
    I too fell upon
    A stony place

  81. Marion Clarke Says:

    hazy afternoon . . .

    at the corner of my eye

    a flicker of wings

  82. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    sovereign tree
    rock throne
    eternal blessing

  83. marinabita Says:

    ripples gently touch
    a whole new world

  84. bellydanser Says:

    the damselfly
    on my knee

  85. donnafleischer Says:

    Admirable the way this poem sets up an equivalent relationship among three elements and with those of the photograph. On its own, timeless and beautiful. Thank You.

  86. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    Nice touch.

  87. bellydanser Says:

    Thank you, both.

  88. Dave Read Says:

    summer’s end …

    I reflect upon

    my roots

  89. poetrycatt Says:


  90. Dave Read Says:

    Thank you!

  91. Autumn Noelle Hall Says:

    I always enjoy your subtle word play, which yields both humor and thoughtfulness. Here, the end of summer perfectly reflects that time of life when we typically begin thinking about who were are and where we come from; the thought of the tree doing this literally grants us a light-hearted symbolic image of this time. Nicely done!

    In return, here's a kyoka response to your haiku and the pic, undertaken in my best Dave Read style:

    for all the apples
    that didn't
    fall far
    from the tree


  92. Dave Read Says:

    Thank you Autumn. I appreciate your kind words and thoughtful comments. And, I really like your kyoka! Great stuff. :)

  93. williamgottlieb Says:

    lone fir on a log
    in Fairy Lake…surrounding
    me, the universe

  94. Marion Clarke Says:

    littlest sister . . .
    every story supposed
    to end happily

  95. Zoie Holzknecht Says:

    open-sky possibilities
    have been moved for me

  96. Hannah Says:

    Fun! I went the "short poem" route. . . .


    We rowed out
    in the old dinghy,
    dropped anchor,

    up the cliff,
    moss under our hands,

    and shimmied up
    the trunk
    of the great tree.

    Then we sat
    on that branch right there,
    feet dangling,

    and looked out
    at the universe.

  97. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Sorry — meant to sign in: Hannah Mahoney, hannah.mahoney@verizon.net

  98. poetrycatt Says:

    a battered limb holds a small tree
    above water

  99. Mark Thies Says:

    Solitary soul?

    She is not standing alone.

    through her flows all life.

  100. poetrycatt Says:

    fairy lake
    between reflections sits a tree
    from my dreams

  101. poetrycatt Says:

    family tree
    roots remain entangled
    as leaves change

  102. Pasquale Asprea Says:

    Replacement of needles –

    there is a new scent

    in the wind

  103. David J. Kelly Says:

    pine cushion
    the tiny island
    covered in needles

  104. donnafleischer Says:

    at one –
    Yangtze mountain dreams
    lake island tree

  105. michaeldylanwelch Says:

    thickening fog—
    still she finds
    the way home

  106. Ellie Says:

    the light dances
    as she grows from stone,
    on fairy lake.

  107. ??Kuroi Says:

    leaf light shines
    a rippled lake

  108. Rick Says:

    In all the world
    This long summer evening
    Only I alone

  109. dmayr Says:

    grandpa's spot…
    the last of the cousins
    baits a hook

  110. Sabra Fenske Says:

    Love this! IMO this is the best of the lot. Gorgeous!

  111. marilc22 Says:

    despite its youth
    the fir tree listens to
    its elder with gratitude

  112. marilc22 Says:

    Fairies don't exist.
    Or do they?
    What if we ask the tree?

  113. Gabriel Bates Says:

    Fairy Lake –

    a tiny island floats


  114. Ryan Stone Says:

    cradled in my arms

    time’s harsh kiss is gentled, you

    keep me from drowning

  115. Ken Olson Says:

    crow's nest
    the comings & goings
    of fairies

  116. John Kimberly Says:

    Lonely little tree
    Clinging to the mossy rock
    Fairies dance and sing

  117. Sabra Fenske Says:

    Lady of the Lake
    who knew she had
    a sense of humor

  118. Ken Olson Says:

    office cube
    I photoshop my

  119. Sarah Russell Says:

    stunted survivor
    gale and sun's rockbound hostage
    lichen coverlet.

  120. Barbara Says:

    perfectly balanced
    an autumnal spread
    makes fairy shelter

  121. Edna Cabcabin Moran Says:

    spring thaw
    everything made visible
    the strength of roots

  122. Kathy Lippard Cobb Says:

    sunlit sea . . .
    a lone tree rising
    out of itself

  123. Peg Duthie Says:

    burned with the bones
    a favorite feathery collar
    new shadows on the moss

  124. Peg Duthie Says:


    not a thrust
    but a stretching out

    not a sword but a sapling

  125. Julia Ho Says:

    My eyes seek

    a stone growing beneath a tree

    the ripples stood still.

  126. Nathaniel Apadu Says:

    fairy lake

    green wings

    strut from a lonely rock

  127. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    watery grave
    a lone fig
    springs remembrance

  128. Denise Fontaine-Pincince Says:


    just above the water

    her dance

  129. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    broken skies
    the sun left in shards
    on a solitary lake

  130. Pratima B Says:

    a tree hat
    for an otter or … another
    growing moment

  131. Pratima B Says:

    through seasons
    tree and rock tether
    water to sky and there-

    by each other

  132. islandrain2013 Says:

    Island presence
    Sacred space


    The flavour of peach
    In her speech

  134. Mikki Aronoff Says:

    Lonely lake tree? Not!
    Water mirrors rock, branches
    Identical twin!

  135. V. Ranaldi-Adams Says:

    mossy outcropping
    supporting a turning tree –
    matching hues

  136. Susan Murata Says:

    lone tree
    his independence now
    a wheeled chair

  137. readinpleasure Says:

    rippling lake
    a lonely tree soaks up
    the sun

  138. Pravat Kumar Padhy Says:

    aiming high–
    with love in

  139. donnafleischer Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful poem.

  140. Cheryl Palmiere Says:

    Left to flourish
    One does

  141. magyar Says:

    this tree
    shades its mossy base
    pond stone

  142. magyar Says:

    a tree stands
    beyond this shadows rule
    the far sun

  143. magyar Says:

    __ 9-15-16; does not fit my needs.

  144. Sally Biggar Says:

    her parting words …
    cling with fierce desire
    to your truth

  145. Michelle Schaefer Says:

    lake reflection –

    no longer


  146. Claudette Russell Says:

    without her
    my grandfather
    roots his life in memories

  147. J MacVane Says:


  148. Claudette Says:

    Thanks so much.

  149. Enid Powell Says:

    I really like this poem. It responds to the poem subtly and truthfully.

  150. Claudette Says:

    Thanks for your comment:)

  151. voimaoy Says:

    where is he, now
    my rock,
    my sheltering tree?

  152. Danielle Says:

    Size doesn't matter
    When you're proud and majestic
    Nor does location.

  153. Derrick Tsorme Says:


    Creation awaits


  154. Derrick Tsorme Says:


    The creator overlooks

    from within.

  155. Robert Burgan Says:

    Resilient Bonzai
    Constrained only by Nature
    Oh, our Drive to Thrive

  156. Cheryl Palmiere Says:

    Stand in your truth

  157. Mary Weiler Says:

    floating free
    of its shadow
    Lilliputian pine

  158. Betty Ann Ritscher Says:

    The golden silhouette
    the shimmering water.

  159. Claudette Russell Says:

    growing into
    a life of hope

  160. janewilliams Says:

    little tree
    above and beneath
    the lake
    all the elements
    you are not alone

  161. Scott Reedy Says:

    wading out
    in the rising tide
    of what is.

  162. Paul Ingrassia Says:

    Sylvan Solitude

    In a clenched fist
    Of stone, roots held fast, still –
    Green-tipped fingers wave at passing

  163. jforce2016 Says:

    child's pose how my mind wonders frog song

    – Nika

    note: wonders is intensional

  164. Pratima Says:

    a tree in innate harmony
    –sunlight sonata

  165. Scott Reedy Says:

    like driftwood
    riding the current
    of an empty day

  166. Nathaniel Apadu Says:

    fairy lake

    green wings

    sprout from a lonely rock


  167. Patricia S Hill Says:

    Golden branches stretch
    from a trunk rooted on rock.
    A bonsai rises from the sea.

  168. K. Ramesh Says:

    fading evening light…
    a frog jumps into the lake
    from a tree on the rock

  169. Lianne Kamp Says:

    Spinning around the sun
    anchored by a single tree
    adrift on the lake

  170. etchandscribe Says:

    sunlight departs a vigil bears the solace

  171. Kathleen Trocmet Says:

    lace curtains gently move
    leaves whisper to each other
    the children are asleep

  172. Blessmond Alebna Ayinbire Says:

    sunlit lake
    a stray seed
    finds a home

  173. Kathleen Trocmet Says:

    damp cool air kisses
    a fecund garden ridge
    the dragonfly’s resting place

  174. Marie Louise Munrro Says:

    island fir
    holds the shape
    of the wind

  175. Marie Louise Munrro Says:

    glassy lake
    trout circle the fir’s

  176. Peter Delevett Says:

    Here in Baton Rouge
    it's so hard to imagine
    California drought

  177. Sandi Pray Says:

    in the stillness

    a lone egret waits

    summer doldrums

  178. Sandi Pray Says:

    summer evening

    only a salutation

    by my shadow

  179. Dru Philippou Says:

    tract housing
    a lone tree grows
    into its shadow

  180. Tom_Sacramona Says:

    the turtle
    raises its head
    once a year

  181. Marietta McGregor Says:

    rarely exposed
    that fragile place
    deep within us

  182. Marietta McGregor Says:

    a turbulent world
    seethes and thunders…
    here, only stillness

  183. mary Jo Balistreri Says:

    on fairy island…
    from the dead
    a living tree

  184. Marietta McGregor Says:

    what we leave
    adrift beyond the waters
    a single larch tree

  185. Bob Lucky Says:

    flecks of sunlight
    on the lake
    a loon’s tremolo

  186. Marietta McGregor Says:

    after rain
    a tree’s canopy
    sheltering moss

  187. Phyllis Lee Says:

    fairy island
    plants a tree

  188. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    magic moon
    I tell my son
    about the little folk

  189. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    final wingbeat
    of a departing dragonfly
    amber morning

  190. Karin L. Frank Says:

    mirrored in water
    a tree clasps
    its own image

  191. Karin L. Frank Says:

    mirrored in water
    a tree clasps
    its own image

  192. J MacVane Says:

    my roots in some
    unlikely places

  193. Samar Ghose Says:

    ever since then
    in the shimmy of stars
    a dust mote

  194. Samar Ghose Says:

    old pond . . .
    the wanderer
    strikes roots

  195. Samar Ghose Says:

    lone tree
    all by itself
    the mountain lake

  196. Samar Ghose Says:

    thoughts sucked marrow of lost light shadows

  197. Tom_Sacramona Says:

    the monk
    still living alone
    low light

  198. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    lone fir
    in full sun?
    it’s greening shadow

  199. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    island fir?
    in the calm, still holding
    the shape of the wind

  200. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    Darn autocorrect

  201. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    lone fir
    in full sun?
    its greening shadow

  202. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    one-tree island. . .
    just enough space
    for the herons

  203. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    watery grave
    a solitary fig
    springs remembrance

  204. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    from the deck of ship
    an olive remain

  205. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    nature’s cry
    an island folds up
    to the last tree

  206. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    nature’s cry
    an island wipe out
    to the last tree

  207. Cheryl Palmiere Says:

    In spite of all
    Nature cycles

  208. Sarah Patterson Says:

    Still waters-
    bracing for waves
    I know to come

  209. Sarah Patterson Says:

    Greeting the gaggle…
    Nostalgic for the solitude
    I'd grown accustom to

  210. Tom_Sacramona Says:

    what's more
    the lichen

  211. Julie Warther Says:

    damselflies . . .
    when the fog lifts
    our Brigadoon

  212. Julie Warther Says:

    seeds of faith . . .
    this world within
    a world

  213. Engin Gülez Says:

    glistening lake
    a solitary rock houses
    her attitude derrière

  214. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:


  215. kjmunro Says:

    sharpening the focus
    on an island
    the mind's eye

  216. Peg Duthie Says:

    wings outstretched
    the maple considers
    where its seeds will land

  217. Mary Jo Michaels Says:

    the power of one
    can invoke the greatest

  218. amyloutro Says:

    Digging my roots deep in the soil
    Of a floating island

  219. triciaknoll Says:

    one spruce grows
    on one boulder in a lake

  220. janewilliams Says:

    on the logging road
    to fairy lake – how many
    wishes make a tree

  221. Pratima B Says:

    not this not that
    for now just being the cat
    strrrretching in sunshine

  222. Brad Bennett Says:

    the earth
    the tree visits
    for a spell

  223. Ann K. Schwader Says:

    one tree island
    the limits
    of roots

  224. Holly Cooley Says:

    no tree is an I
    -(s)land but part of me:
    I am involved in Nature.

  225. MehmetRamazan Says:

    lone tree

  226. Jeeves Says:

    In the crowded street
    Holding your tiny fingers

  227. Autumn Noelle Hall Says:

    done with swords
    The Lady of the Lake
    lifts this time
    a greening tree, that mankind
    might learn instead to wield life

  228. Lianne Kamp Says:

    lone tree
    adrift on the lake
    the forest is pining

  229. Mercurious Georg Says:

    Trunk straight, standing still
    Undisturbed by the ripples
    Whole body breathing

  230. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    wading moose
    velvet falling
    from its paddles

  231. Weelee Hsieh Says:

    … bound
    a single tree tethered to an isle

  232. Anna Goluba Says:

    All around me
    Waters of the time

  233. Dan Slaten Says:

    miracle of life
    arms reaching out to Heaven
    answered prayer

  234. Marietta McGregor Says:

    his kayak slipping
    through the softness
    of a tree's shadow

  235. Mohammad Azim Khan Says:

    dazzling smiles …
    the family tree
    rooted in love

  236. Tsanka Shishkova Says:

    a lone tree
    on lake stage

  237. Tsanka Shishkova Says:

    a gentle embrace
    for lonely tree

  238. Willie Bongcaron Says:

    morning breeze

    the sound of calmness

    in a distant tree

  239. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    autumn loneliness
    the random assortment of
    fleeting memories

  240. Ken Olson Says:

    now moment
    gaining a foothold
    in a dream

  241. Kath Abela Wilson Says:

    singular tree
    how words wrap around
    one stone island

  242. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    a frog slipping
    into its own

  243. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    autumn sun
    trout at the end
    of their shadows

  244. Enid Powell Says:

    Memory roots us
    Between a rock
    And a hard place.

  245. Kelly Belmonte Says:

    Lone tree – nothing but
    time and a distant cry;
    the loon waking

  246. TM Johnson Says:

    from the hardest heart
    love's memory blooms
    we shred our divorce papers

  247. Chumki Sharma Says:

    Lone tree midst the lake,
    it's each leaf worth five poems
    I write, what price then
    my soul

  248. Tsanka Shishkova Says:


  249. Chumki Sharma Says:

    thank you :)

  250. th. vandergrau Says:

    sunlit lake
    the lone tree
    catches the wind

  251. janewilliams Says:

    dream fishing the one that got away taking root

  252. cezar ciobika Says:

    first bird
    the whispering
    of lone tree

  253. Peter Jastermsky Says:

    the light
    one tree full

  254. Mojde Says:

    I , the tree,
    Keeps you connected ,
    Little isolated land !

  255. Dave M Says:

    raking the mirage
    midday sun ripples the sand-
    zen garden

  256. Dave M Says:

    raking the mirage
    morning sun ripples the sand-
    zen garden

  257. Rafa? Zabraty?ski Says:

    lone tree

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