Writing prompt for tinywords 16.2

Lone Tree in Fairy Lake, by Jean Beaufort

Lone Tree in Fairy Lake, by Jean Beaufort


Sometimes, a picture can trigger words. An image elicits emotion. This is a guiding principle behind the writing of haiku. And perhaps other short poems. While we continue to accept regular submissions for the next issue of tinywords (16.2) through the end of August, we invite you to get lost for a little while in this photo of a lone tree in Vancouver Island’s Fairy Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Put your best effort(s) in the comment box and we’ll select what we think is the best of the best to start the new issue 16.2 due out in September. 

Meanwhile, it’s still the height of summer, or winter, depending on where you are. So get out and enjoy the season. Each has its own pleasures. Oh yeah, and submit to tinywords. Thanks.

All Best,

The Editors

257 Responses

  1. Lianne Kamp Says:

    lone tree
    adrift on the lake
    the forest is pining

  2. Mercurious Georg Says:

    Trunk straight, standing still
    Undisturbed by the ripples
    Whole body breathing

  3. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    wading moose
    velvet falling
    from its paddles

  4. Weelee Hsieh Says:

    … bound
    a single tree tethered to an isle

  5. Anna Goluba Says:

    All around me
    Waters of the time

  6. Dan Slaten Says:

    miracle of life
    arms reaching out to Heaven
    answered prayer

  7. Marietta McGregor Says:

    his kayak slipping
    through the softness
    of a tree's shadow

  8. Mohammad Azim Khan Says:

    dazzling smiles …
    the family tree
    rooted in love

  9. Tsanka Shishkova Says:

    a lone tree
    on lake stage

  10. Tsanka Shishkova Says:

    a gentle embrace
    for lonely tree

  11. Willie Bongcaron Says:

    morning breeze

    the sound of calmness

    in a distant tree

  12. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    autumn loneliness
    the random assortment of
    fleeting memories

  13. Ken Olson Says:

    now moment
    gaining a foothold
    in a dream

  14. Kath Abela Wilson Says:

    singular tree
    how words wrap around
    one stone island

  15. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    a frog slipping
    into its own

  16. Jeff Ferrara Says:

    autumn sun
    trout at the end
    of their shadows

  17. Enid Powell Says:

    Memory roots us
    Between a rock
    And a hard place.

  18. Kelly Belmonte Says:

    Lone tree – nothing but
    time and a distant cry;
    the loon waking

  19. TM Johnson Says:

    from the hardest heart
    love's memory blooms
    we shred our divorce papers

  20. Chumki Sharma Says:

    Lone tree midst the lake,
    it's each leaf worth five poems
    I write, what price then
    my soul

  21. Tsanka Shishkova Says:


  22. Chumki Sharma Says:

    thank you :)

  23. th. vandergrau Says:

    sunlit lake
    the lone tree
    catches the wind

  24. janewilliams Says:

    dream fishing the one that got away taking root

  25. cezar ciobika Says:

    first bird
    the whispering
    of lone tree

  26. Peter Jastermsky Says:

    the light
    one tree full

  27. Mojde Says:

    I , the tree,
    Keeps you connected ,
    Little isolated land !

  28. Dave M Says:

    raking the mirage
    midday sun ripples the sand-
    zen garden

  29. Dave M Says:

    raking the mirage
    morning sun ripples the sand-
    zen garden

  30. Rafał Zabratyński Says:

    lone tree

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