WELCOME to tinywords 16.2

Now these are some big old pines,?courtesy of Jay Mantri. Legend has it that John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club and renowned naturalist, used to climb trees like these way back in the day just to sway back and forth with the wind like he was on an amusement park ride. Imagine that. In the spirit of ordinary, everyday adventures, we embark on our newest issue of?tinywords 16.2.

Congratulations to?Marie Louise Munro and Julie Warther, who kick things off with their winning submissions to our photo prompt, “A lone tree in Fairy Lake.” ?Scroll through the hundreds of poems submitted. You?ll find lots to enjoy.

Thanks to our Assistant Editors, Polona Oblak and Ruth Holzer. Thanks again to Dylan Tweney, founding editor and Technical Director who makes our tinywords? online presence a breeze.

Even though it?s the start of fall in our neck of the woods, here?s to new beginnings. It?s spring down under. Albert Camus said ?Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.? It?s all how you look at it.? So as we wander through the seasons, look up. Climb a tree. Find a new perspective.

There’s probably a poem or two up there.


Kathe L. Palka

Peter Newton

Editors, tinywords



seeds of faith . . .
this world within
a world


—Julie Warther



island fir
holds the shape
of the wind


—Marie Louise Munro

22 Responses

  1. janet butler Says:

    nice! deep & meditative pieces

  2. shirley weese Says:

    love these haiku, love trees and tree haiku.

  3. supani48 Says:

    beautifully worded haiku poems!

  4. 8plant Says:

    Calming and peaceful.

  5. janbentexas Says:

    Congratulations to the two chosen .

  6. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Beautiful choices!

  7. Mary Jo Balistreri Says:

    Both of these choices convey the awe that Muir too loved. congratulations to the winners.

  8. Laura Gordon Says:

    Both lovely. Congratulations.

  9. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    Congrats to both winners. Both haiku are splendid!

  10. Kwaku Feni Says:

    Interesting. Very nice poems. Congrats to the winners.

  11. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Two beautiful poems.


  12. Mojde Says:

    Congratulations to the winners
    And thanks for their beautiful haikus

  13. Alan Summers Says:


  14. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    Wonderful photo, lovely poems . . .

  15. sonofwalt Says:

    Lovely, both of them.

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