boundary fence
the sunrise snags
on barbed wire

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  1. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Love the image of a snagging based-wire fence~~~

    mallard sips

    the pond shadows

    at dawn

  2. Gavin Austin Says:

    Thank you for your response, Mike.
    All good wishes.
    Gavin Austin

  3. Leanne Mumford Says:

    Very nice, Gavin. The boundary fence is at once a recognisable Australian image for me, but it also carries global implications. This poem has multiple layers of meaning for me.

  4. Gavin Austin Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Leanne. I appreciate them very much.
    All good things.

  5. Tash Adams Says:

    Great ku. Go Aussie!

  6. Gavin Austin Says:

    Thanks, Tash.

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    boundary fence
    the sunrise snags
    on barbed wire

    Ah, the sunlight glinting off barbed wire, whether for humans or other types of animals. Boundary fence could also mean a neighbour that is not necessarily considerate, but you hope things might change.

    warm regards,


  8. Gavin Austin Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Alan.
    Warm wishes,

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