first light
a strand of her hair
between my lips


8 Responses

  1. Laura Foley Says:

    I love this poem! So suggestive. And delicate.

  2. Michelle Schaefer Says:

    Very evocative. Nicely done!

  3. janewilliams Says:


  4. aniketnik Says:

    Definitely delicate and evocative. Yet so many things are left unsaid. The direction is right in place. The morning will soon follow. Absolutely interesting.

  5. Helen Buckingham Says:

    sun trap
    lighting up
    strands of grey

    (Notes from the Gean 4, March 2010)

  6. chief276 Says:

    Few poems manage to be simultaneously romantic and erotic, Chen-ou, but you've done it, my man! Bill K

  7. Michael H. Lester Says:

    Congratulations on a delightful ku, Chen-ou!

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Wow! You've nailed it in this one, Chen-ou. :)


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