home alone
the teapot whistles
a single note

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  1. pbergonzi Says:


  2. Isabella Says:


    far from home
    the teapot whistles
    on a picture

    I also live in Colorado with my little Lisa and a black cat. Lisa composed her first haiku about the cat:

    black cat
    yellow eyes
    lighten the room


  3. Magyar Says:

    ___ So nicely written An; a tower bell chimes. _m

  4. peggy Says:


  5. aniketnik Says:

    Excellent. Very well written. A beautiful way of telling things. The only thing that comes to mind after reading it is as follows:

    So much of space
    So much silence
    Peace of mind
    So many thoughts come to mind one after another
    At least for now world seems to be a better place than what it used to be prior
    Future certain
    Life beautiful.

  6. an mayou Says:

    thank you so much for that, and for your beautiful response.

  7. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Really nice.

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    This is sad and beautiful, An.


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