steam rising
through a band of light
winter tea

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  1. janbentexas Says:

    A tea to settle into.
    Nicely done, Sondra.

    Jan Benson

  2. Magyar Says:

    ___ Each evening, Kathy and I have tea "to settle into" as Jan has said; the calm. Sometimes… there is an outside answer to that kettle's signal. _m

    evening tea
    as the stove owl signals
    two cups

  3. aniketnik Says:

    Absolutely interesting. Interesting also because it conveys the meaning in the best possible way. On similar lines something like this is possible.

    A morning filled with bright white light
    Day seems clear
    Silence everywhere
    Enjoying my cup of tea.

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ah, lovely, Sondra! :)


  5. Alan Summers Says:

    steam rising
    through a band of light
    winter tea


    A magical middle line making the mundane mystical.
    deep into winter
    the sun measured
    in kettle clicks

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Presence issue #55 2016

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