Writing Prompt for tinywords 18.1

Photo of a dirt road with bluebonnets alongside it

The thing about a writing life is that you never know where the path is going to lead. Here in North America spring is just around the corner and in this photo image by Jim Nix, “Springtime in the Texas Hill Country,” the road beckons us to follow. Lining the way is the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet. These flowers have inspired generations of American painters and we hope this landscape will inspire you as well to write a tiny poem or two. We invite you to put your best efforts in the comment box below. We’ll select the best of the best to start the next issue of tinywords, due out in late-March.

Keep in mind, we will continue to accept regular submissions for the next issue (issue 18.1) through the end of February at our Submit page.

Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your poems.


120 Responses

  1. nikolaygrankin Says:

    spring field
    a hawk swoops down
    from blue to blue

    Nikolay Grankin

  2. Marilyn Appl Walker Says:

    heaven's edge
    hills and bluebells
    color me home

  3. Sam Bateman Says:

    spring fever
    bees trying on

  4. Claudette Russell Says:

    finding myself
    leads me down paths
    near and far

  5. martin1223 Says:

    dead end
    a line of bluebonnets
    pass me

  6. Marita Says:

    Thanks so much to the editors for providing this promt!
    I have enjoyed reading the variety of haiku and the sense of community it has inspired

  7. Dennise Aiello Says:

    a path
    well travelled
    Texas blues

  8. Sam Bateman Says:

    between winter cold
    and summer heat—
    bluebonnet weather

  9. Dave Read Says:

    top down …
    a sudden gust
    of spring

  10. Devon Richey Says:

    walk in blue
    approaches blue
    the past erased

  11. janbentexas Says:

    roadside park
    Texas poems bloom
    Jan Benson

  12. janbentexas Says:

    blue a psalm in red dirt
    Jan Benson

  13. Devon Richey Says:

    Blue surround –
    his journey veers
    from path

  14. Thom Norgang Says:

    each morning
    fresh shades of blue
    painting the sky

  15. David Mohn Says:

    dirt road splits canvas
    bluebonnets dripped as Pollock…
    random perfection

  16. Barbara A. Taylor Says:

    the dreamers’ visions
    become nightmares

  17. Claudette Russell Says:

    knowing one day
    I will leave to find them

  18. vandana Says:

    google map

    I still can’t find

    the way to your heart

  19. vandana Says:

    google map

    I still can’t find the way

    to your heart

  20. vandana Says:

    Please ignore the first one at #18.

  21. Tracy Davidson Says:

    on Sundays
    how you wore them in your hair

  22. Sara McNulty Says:


    To the sky

    Blue bonnets

  23. purplepeninportland Says:

    Hugging the trail
    Color of doll's eyes
    Bevy of blue bonnets

  24. purplepeninportland Says:

    Blue bonnets
    Raising their heads in a field
    A toast to Spring

  25. Frederick C Melancon Says:

    Blue novas of our travels
    only explode on roadsides.

  26. Maryam Qureshi Says:

    Life after you…
    A spring
    Feeling blue!

  27. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    down the beaten path
    a poet walks
    the green divide

  28. Dru Philippou Says:

    bluebonnet field
    I let my lover win
    the argument

  29. Dru Philippou Says:


    bluebonnet fields
    I let my lover win
    the argument

  30. janewilliams Says:

    spring lifting my mood a lighter shade of blue

  31. Dru Philippou Says:

    widow's windowsill . . .
    a bud vase holds
    a single stem

  32. Elizabeth Moura Says:

    endless sky…
    walking alone
    in blue spring

  33. Elizabeth Moura Says:

    two lovers…
    petals make
    a soft blue bed

  34. Peggy Bilbro Says:

    a path
    blue into blue
    sky beckons

  35. etchandscribe Says:

    trail mix spiked
    with organic blueberries
    pests are welcome

  36. etchandscribe Says:

    Fitbit badge
    brought back to knee-level
    by blossoms

  37. Claudette Russell Says:

    there is no reason
    to leave the familiar path
    and yet…

  38. Deborah P Kolodji Says:

    from my mother’s childhood
    embroidered hanky

  39. K. Trocmet Says:

    little children float
    in a sea of bluebonnets
    time slows on the hill country road

  40. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    I cannot see mine, sent today…

  41. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    Oh, sorry, it’s OK. Thanks!

  42. Val Raj Says:

    tiny fingers
    nestle within mine
    bluebonnet blooms

  43. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    I cannot see my haiku, however :(

  44. Julie Warther Says:

    daily commute . . .
    the wildflowers
    take another route

  45. Elizabeth Alford Says:

    vacation photo —
    framed in bluebonnets
    a mother’s pride

  46. John Hawkhead Says:

    leaving home

    she walks the dirt track out

    into Spring flowers

  47. Eileen Sateriale Says:

    wild bluebonnets
    border country lane
    Texas pride

  48. cheapoakley Says:

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