the wind’s
distant tang
wildfire sunrise

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  1. Sue Burke Says:


  2. Magyar Says:

    That tang, draws eyes to the firelight on the horizon; often tangs, inspire the need of action.
    __ And, too >so many cities are built on bones< well understood, and deeply read, Ann. Grand pieces.

    the honored bones
    of they that built this city
    within its graves
    tomorrow has been taught
    the young dream

  3. Pravat Says:

    The haiku is well crafted with juxtaposition (renso) of images. The contained space (ma) needs to be creatively interpreted.Congratulations!

    the fog
    starts burning–

    Pravat Kumar Padhy

    Publication Credit: World Haiku Review, Summer August 2014

  4. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Like your sunrise!

    afternoon waves~~~
    the falling sun
    shadows the sand

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh! That word 'tang' carries a harsh, metallic sense to this. Devastating.


  6. Alan Summers Says:

    the wind’s
    distant tang
    wildfire sunrise


    I like how the photograph extends the haiku and becomes a wildfire sunrise instead of cherry blossom.

    Love those first two lines of a distant tang of wind, yet intimate with the wildfire sunrise enfolding right in front of you.


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