late winter cough
the crack
in the souffle’

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  1. Mojde Says:


    souffl? serves its purpose, anyway…
    though the cough and the cook should be examined…

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    I'm guessing it's a typo, so…

    late winter cough
    the crack
    in the soufflé


    As the posted version is:

    souffle’ like a half-completed possessive… although that's fascinating in its own right.

    I'd never thought of a soufflé cracking as they seem so soft, but it's true!

    The combination of a cough and a crack certainly emphasises the dismay of a recipe that has gone wrong, and it was probably going to be a massive treat, perhaps with dessert wine or mulled wine. Wonderful combination of sounds, even if the soufflé crack is unheard just like a scream in deep space.

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers

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