wiping sand
from the broken conch . . .
summer’s end

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  1. Mary Jo Says:

    your attentiveness to the broken conch is sensitive and tender. A loving gesture in a world of turmoil.
    Thank you, Mark.

  2. Mark E. Says:

    Thank you Mary Jo

  3. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    ocean waves

    the falling sun

    shadows the sand ?

  4. Mark E. Says:

    Nice Mike

  5. Magyar Says:

    __ Thanks for your grand reminder, Mark, you've made my thoughts wander back… to another place and time. At Schoodic Point, in the "fifties" and hopefully now, there were no beaches; then, there was simply the rumbled sounds of time's-tides. _m

    gray Quahog
    clings to its weed laced wall
    low tide stones

  6. Mark E. Says:

    Thank you Magyar…

  7. L.A.B. Says:

    In a time when so many cast off (even at first glance) what is broken, I thought about the beauty of broken things (people too). Endings speak to me about the cycle of life … the beginnings that follow … the place where we start from. I'm reminded of these words from T.S. Eliot:

    "What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning.
    The end is where we start from."

    Thank you for your haiku, Mark.

    choosing the broken conch
    abandoned by others
    summer's end

  8. Mark E. Says:

    Thank you…

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Imperfection can be beautiful too.

    Nice, Mark.


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