beachcombing —
I fill my pockets
with regret


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  1. Kath Abela Wilson Says:

    Very beautiful poem Julie!
    I love the last line. Surprising one full of feeling. Very tenderly expressed!

    Love Kath Abela

  2. Garry Eaton Says:

    beach cleaning
    I fill my wheelbarrow
    with regret

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Wow, powerful!!!

    beachcombing —
    I fill my pockets
    with regret


    Reminds me of Ian McEwan's novella "On Chesil Beach" regret of picking pebbles along with other people over the years, and putting them back.


    a periwinkle rotates
    deeper into itself

    Alan Summers
    3Lights Gallery – Promenade: haiku beside the seaside (2008)
    Presentation Curator & Photographer LIAM WILKINSON (April – July 2008)

  4. martin1223 Says:

    Poignant! Thank You.

    wading towards the full moon i forget

  5. Mary Jo Says:

    poignant and beautifully rendered.

  6. Robert Kingston Says:

    Very nice Julie

  7. Lesley Says:

    breathtaking pivot, Julie

  8. jublke Says:

    Thanks, all! ??

  9. Sabra Fenske Says:

    Been a while since a tinywords haiku has really knocked the wind out of my sails. This one did it. Glorious!

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