outdoor theater
the canyon wren’s
clear soliloquy



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  1. Mary Jo Says:

    I really like your haiku Joan.

    I've heard the canyon wren sing and the canyons serve as a natural amphitheater. The sounds is so pure, startling clear. Thank you for bringing me back to Arizona.

  2. Marie Louise Munro Says:


  3. Shawn Says:

    Love it, but not sure it goes with the hay bales in the background!


  4. Nancy Soth Says:

    Most impressed with the outdoor theater idea
    followed by soliloquy.

    thank you Joan

  5. Randy Says:

    Lovely, Joan. Thank you.

  6. Linda Rapatz Says:

    Beautiful! I feel like I am there looking up at a blue sky, soaking in the sunshine, listening to a joyful song!
    Thank you for sharing Joan!

  7. Gloria Haebich Says:

    Cheered me on a cold and cloudy day in Michigan. I hear only geese on their way south.

  8. Robert Kingston Says:

    Very nice Joan
    So succinct.

  9. magyar Says:


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