shoe box
my cat takes on
its shape

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  1. Mary Stevens Says:


  2. Alan Summers Says:


    shoe box
    my cat takes on
    its shape


    Cats are like the magical squid and octopus, but on land! Unlike Mr S's cat, we know this cat is alive and bending animate and inanimate objects to its will! :-)


    how to fit into the world slinking cat

    Alan Summers
    hedgerow #120 (the summer print issue, 2017)
    ed. Caroline Skanne
    From "The Ninth of Never" haibun

  3. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    Thank you, Mary! :)

  4. Laurie Greer Says:

    I love the double meaning of adopting/fighting in the "takes on"–it captures the feline feistiness nicely!

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