Submissions for tinywords 20.1 — and a writing prompt

Photograph by James Offer of Starling murmurations over the burnt-out West Pier in Brighton.

Spring is just a few weeks away here in the northern hemisphere and TINYWORDS 19.2 has ended with Marrietta McGregor’s haiku “spring breeze” waving a goodbye to winter. It’s time to begin anew. The submission window for TINYWORDS 20.1 opened on February 1st.

The entire month of February is the time to send us your small poems, haiga, or brief haibun for the new issue of TINYWORDS 20.1. We have already received quite a few submissions. Thank you.

Sending work to TINYWORDS is a simple two-step process. Just check out our Guidelines and click on the Submissions Page from Feb. 1 through Feb. 29, 2020. One month window, as usual.

To keep things interesting while we work on the new issue, we present a new writing prompt. This image of a starling murmuration near the ruined West Pier in Brighton, England, taken by James Offer, is the current challenge. Why not pen a tiny original poem or two in response to this glimpse of the fading past or is it the coming future?  Leave your best efforts in the comment box below and the TINYWORDS editorial team will share the best of the best in TINYWORDS 20.1, due out in late March 2020.

Thanks again for dropping by. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

97 Responses

  1. Robert Kingston Says:

    no bones about her
    a rejected offer
    from the rag man

  2. David Smedley Says:

    everything in a constant state of flux, soon the moon easing from girder to girder

  3. Sam Bateman Says:

    above the blackened pier starlings move their shadow

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    end of pier starlings blinking at sunset

  5. Helen Buckingham Says:

    sunset over
    hell's kitchen

  6. veredit Says:

    with closed eyes
    dark blue sound
    of murmuration

  7. veredit Says:

    the flock
    some of us are more
    than lonely

  8. veredit Says:

    aerial ballet we don't move

  9. veredit Says:

    a starling's feather
    all that remains
    of migratory birds

  10. Kevin Valentine Says:

    watercolor clouds
    the spring sky ripe
    with starlings

  11. Kevin Valentine Says:

    old pier
    a blush of wing-sound
    at the close of day

  12. jim runkle Says:

    Drones miss formation
    In early morning call up
    — good intentions lost

  13. Robert Kingston Says:

    scattered ashes
    I shall never forget
    that day in Brighton

  14. Robert Kingston Says:

    mother said
    we were walking in Brighton
    when the blackouts started

  15. Geoff Pope Says:

    hints of spring…
    heavy winter days start
    to grow wings

  16. Robert Kingston Says:

    no bones worth picking
    the sound of birds

  17. Madhuri Pillai Says:

    letting go
    of flickering thoughts—
    evening meditation

  18. Mary Weiler Says:

    the balloon
    dives and drifts

  19. Claudette Russell Says:

    loneliness fades
    with the light
    of friendship

  20. Laurie Greer Says:

    the twists and turns
    of cat's cradle

  21. Helen Buckingham Says:

    the tick tick ticking towards dawn

  22. Gary Hittmeyer Says:

    ocean dusk
    waves of starlings
    revisit the past

  23. Madhuri Pillai Says:

    a symphony in motion…
    the dog and I
    watch the day’s finale

  24. Robert Kingston Says:

    a gutless cry from the matchmaker

  25. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    end of day dream in nacre

  26. Jim Brady Says:

    An Ozemandias of a pier
    mocked by nature's
    winged changlings

  27. ghittmeyer Says:

    ocean dusk
    waves of starlings
    revisit the past

    Gary Hittmeyer

  28. Claudette Russell Says:

    starlings and sunlight
    breath life
    into the ruined pier

  29. Robert Kingston Says:

    flipping the lid
    the pie dish
    loses its sauce

  30. Sally Biggar Says:


    (intentionally no space between words)

  31. Helen Buckingham Says:

    old school photo

    "smallest in front"

    coolest take flight

  32. Lawrence Cheong Says:

    refugees the flight of a ruined summer

  33. Elaine Wilburt Says:


  34. Elaine Wilburt Says:

    skeletal silhouette
    a whoosh
    of rising wings

  35. Elaine Wilburt Says:

    past loves
    birds still perch
    on the pier

  36. Matt Perry Says:

    What was once for people
    Now for birds
    Soon for fish

  37. Philip Whitley Says:

    so much laughter lost to the sea breeze

    slack tide
    bones of a broken ship
    its cargo of gold

  38. Robert Kingston Says:

    Congratulations to the winners.
    Well done everyone else.
    A very enjoyable challenge and read.
    Thanks to the editors and judges for the platform.

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