downstream slightly faster than the debris

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  1. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    Nice! Cleared my mind :)

  2. martin1223 Says:

    only the wake
    at the river's bend
    autumn light

  3. haikuapprentice Says:

    Wow Jim, a wonderful poem, prompting deep introspection and reflection on where I am in the journey. But of course, as a master of the haiku art, you invoke this with a simple yet astute observation of some phenomena of nature.

    Really moving (and gets me moving)! Thank you Jim


  4. Bill Kenney Says:

    Good one, Jim

    from here to where the river bends moonlight

  5. Eric Burke Says:

    This is magic, Jim. I love this one.

  6. Julie L Warther Says:

    I’m right beside you in my kayak, Jim. So easy to picture. Except you’re paddling and I’m drifting. :)

    downstream the debris passes me by

  7. site Says:

    I wonder what the emotional turmoil the author is going through.

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