blossom rain . . .
a toadstool turns
inside out

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    A lovely haiku!

    blossom rain . . .
    a toadstool turns
    inside out


    I'm reminded of Enid Blyton's Toyland stories of Noddy (a toy store carver) and Big Ears (the friendly gnome, who lived in a toadstool house outside of Toyland and was Noddy's helper and father figure.)

    So I hope it was only Spring cleaning chores and the home is back together again.

    A really lovely Spring haiku that brought back my own associations with the wondrous world or worlds of toadstools in woodland and forests.


    the rhythm of rain
    a toad sleeps deep
    with her moon

    Alan Summers
    Brass Bell: a haiku journal curated by Zee Zahava
    The Moon Haiku issue (October 2014)

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