Welcome to tinywords 20.2

The background image for issue 20.2  is of one of two apartment towers in Milan, Italy known as Vertical Forest.  This melding of nature and urban human habitat was created by the Italian architect Stefano Boeri. These buildings are designed not only to be attractive living spaces but also intended to bring more trees into cities to help reduce CO2 levels and push back at climate change. They make us look both forward and upward offering a bit of hope in these troubled times.  

In the issue that follows we have gathered voices from all over the world, many that speak of the world?s troubles. But you will also find beauty, wonder and a sense of community in these shared experiences.

Congratulations to Michael Henry Lee and Jennifer Thompson who open the new issue with their winning poems inspired by our photo prompt. Their poems are featured below. As always there were many fine offerings well worth reading in the archive.

Thanks to tinywords Assistant Editors Polona Oblak and Ruth Holzer, and to founding editor Dylan Tweney, who also serves as our technical advisor and web page designer.

To all of the poets who sent in their poems for 20.2, and to the readers who return year after year, we say thank you.

We wish you all the very best now and in the coming new year. Be well, stay safe.

We are all in this together.

Kathe L. Palka
Peter Newton
Editors, tinywords

Prompt winners

the leaves that remain
still trembling

— Michael Henry Lee

alley breeze
a leaf finds its place
on the sidewalk

— Jennifer Thompson

11 Responses

  1. Kellie Conetsco Says:

    I like them.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Great, congrats!!! :-)


  3. Carol Reynolds Says:

    Two inspiring haiku

  4. Seren Fargo Says:

    Great choices.
    A couple of my favorites.

  5. Peggy Hale Bilbro Says:

    Excellent work!

    the color of hope
    between two walls
    a stray breeze

  6. Jo Balistreri Says:

    great haiku. Most enjoyable.

  7. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Many congratulations, Michael and Jennifer!
    (Oh gosh, I've made it sound like you're getting married…..cut!)

  8. martin1223 Says:

    Enjoyed both poems; Congratulations!

  9. etchandscribe Says:

    Nice Selections – Congrats to the winners!

  10. haikuapprentice Says:

    Wonderful poems, well deserved winners!

  11. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Wonderful poems! Congratulations!

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