Submissions for tinywords 20.2 and a new writing prompt

Summer is winding down here in the northern hemisphere and tinywords 20.1 has now ended with Ann K. Schwader’s haiku “in the space”.

The submission window for tinywords 20.2 opened on August 1st so if you haven’t yet, you still have about half of August left to send us your small poems, haiga, or brief haibun to be considered for our next issue: tinywords 20.2.

Sending work to tinywords is a simple two-step process. Just check out our Guidelines?and click on the?Submissions Page?from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2020. One month window, as usual.

photograph of two green trees in a narrow space between two grey buildings

To keep things lively while we work on the new issue, we present a new writing prompt. This image of a green oasis between apartment buildings was captured in Beirut, Lebanon. One thing this image might say is that nature is adaptable. These trees seem to be in solidarity with one another. But you might see something else entirely. Be sure to share it with us. Why not pen a tiny original poem or two in response to this glimpse of nature in the midst of an urban landscape?? ?Leave your best efforts in the comment box below and the tinywords editorial team will share the best of the best in tinywords 20.2, due out in late September 2020.

Thanks again for dropping by. We look forward to reading what you?have?to say.


In solidarity,

The Editors


Image by djedj from Pixabay

99 Responses

  1. SE Gifford Says:

    Constrained yet reaching
    always for the light – courtyard
    tree breathing thru concrete

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    a child weaves
    into the forest

    Alan Summers

  3. Jennifer Thompson Says:

    alley breeze
    a leaf finds its place
    on the sidewalk

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    apple pie…
    the journey comes back
    to my childhood

  5. Rick Lupert Says:

    Trees kiss between buildings…
    They don't care.

  6. Helen Buckingham Says:

    global warfare
    if only we had
    a spare

  7. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    Beirut the leaves that remain still trembling

  8. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    Beirut / the leaves that remain / still trembling

  9. M Campbell Says:

    branches entwine
    in an arc of strength

  10. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    Through the looking class
    Life with love enshrined in
    bits and pieces

  11. kalaramesh Says:

    lockdown …
    two trees holding on
    to their leaves


  12. Phyllis Boernke Says:

    all my secrets


    to one who cares

  13. Judith Hishikawa Says:

    in a thousand years
    or rubble?

  14. Purushothamarao.R Says:

    greenery abound

    senior citizen homes

    uncared for corona fears

  15. martin1223 Says:

    among all the grey the cedars of Lebanon

  16. Marion Clarke Says:

    back in the city crunch of granny?s apple crumble

  17. Phyllis Boernke Says:


    our formative roots

    buried deep in the past

  18. Sam Bateman Says:

    alone in the city
    the leafy green embrace
    of sidewalk trees

  19. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    six trees
    flaring green
    against concrete

  20. Melanie Alberts Says:

    we promise to stay
    in touch—
    thirty years later
    our cheeks brush
    a shade lifts

  21. Joanne van Helvoort Says:

    in the shadow
    of buildings the shadows
    of trees

  22. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    Through the green class
    Life with love enshrined in
    bits and pieces

  23. Lakshman Bulusu Says:

    corona time
    true green provides
    umbrella shield

  24. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    empty sidewalks
    the sound of a soft breeze
    shushing the trees

  25. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    sun bleached canyons
    an albizia grove scents
    the city

  26. Chris La Tray Says:

    how quick we forget
    explosions of malfeasance
    trees roots dig deeper

  27. Marietta McGregor Says:

    leaning in
    to a kiss . . . the lucky ones
    still able to touch

  28. Marietta McGregor Says:

    linden scent
    through a window
    the echo of riots

  29. Seren Fargo Says:

    I gave this a thumbs up right off the bat. And am surprised it doesn't have more. This is a wonderful haiku that could easily get accepted into a journal. Linden scent is often used to relieve stress, so the juxtaposition with the last line is especially powerful. I love it.

  30. Seren Fargo Says:

    Beirut explosion
    sheltered between buildings
    a huddle of trees

  31. Seren Fargo Says:

    I realized this needed an em dash:

    Beirut explosion—
    sheltered between buildings
    a huddle of trees

  32. ArtsySF Says:

    touching you is wonderful

    I am still tingling

    all over

  33. Sonal Srinivasan Says:

    leaning into
    the meshing of our roots…

  34. Neena Singh Says:

    shuttered windows
    trees stand together
    in prayer

  35. Marietta McGregor Says:

    evergreen. . .
    adjacent rooms
    in the care home

  36. Nandini Mehra Says:

    geometric grey

    measured by scale

    burst of green

  37. Claudette Russell Says:

    trees soften
    our fears

  38. Claudette Russell Says:

    deeply rooted
    the memories
    of survivors

  39. Firdaus Parvez Says:

    grey canvas …

    the creator dropped

    some paint

  40. Claudette Russell Says:

    the courage
    to stand together

  41. Claudette Russell Says:

    rushing headlong
    into the day until
    the trees

  42. Bob Redmond Says:

    I love how the momentum of the haiku is arrested in the last, unexpected line

  43. Janet Lucy Says:

    Bowing trunks, extending branches
    Glossy green leaves like love notes
    Touching hearts a world apart

  44. Laurie Greer Says:

    running for miles
    the roots of trees
    hold their ground

  45. Laurie Greer Says:

    city trees–
    the roots of peace sunk deep
    in the shaken ground

  46. Laurie Greer Says:

    shaky ground…
    held together
    by the roots of trees

  47. Seren Fargo Says:

    that small window
    of sunlight

  48. Jack Keys Says:

    take your kid to work day

    we project-manage


  49. Bill Cooper Says:

    piano at sunset
    a caterpillar straddling

  50. Karen O'Leary Says:

    one a white canvass green shares life

  51. Karen O'Leary Says:

    Oops–I noticed the typo after submitting this. Sorry! Will submit the corrected version.


  52. Karen O'Leary Says:

    on a white canvass green shares life

    By Karen O'Leary

  53. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    isolation ?
    in the distance between us
    trees holding hands

  54. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    locked down –
    to breathe
    or not

  55. Marion Clarke Says:

    gang warfare

    playground secret-sharing

    of conker tactics

  56. Geeta Says:


    muted talks

    blossoms transmit

  57. Alan Summers Says:

    apple pie…
    the journey circles back
    to childhood

    Alan Summers

  58. Anitha Varma Says:

    his smile lost
    in the alleyways of mind
    leaf shadows

  59. Claudette Russell Says:

    both sides
    reaching out

  60. Nancy Rapp Says:

    geodesic dome
    the concrete

  61. Shalini Says:

    Twin trees…
    even memories cannot recall
    their frame

    its burning
    drenched by late rain
    smoulders in the debris

  62. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Huddled together

    against man-made destruction

    God-made still standing

  63. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Huddled together

    amid man-made destruction

    God-made still standing

  64. CARLEY Says:

    scent of bread
    a little bit of green
    daily needs

  65. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    leaning in
    for a kiss
    care home window

  66. David M Says:

    balancing the gray…chi of green

  67. Bob Redmond Says:

    a green line
    through the stones
    finding a way

  68. Srinivas S Says:

    at the heart
    of a concrete jungle
    a yin tree a yang tree

  69. sanjuktaa Says:

    in our green tea
    high-rise shadows

  70. Rich Schilling Says:

    broken skyline
    of birdsong

  71. Rich Schilling Says:

    under the city
    old growth

  72. Rich Schilling Says:

    in the back alley
    of trees

  73. etchandscribe Says:

    rooftop garden
    a farmer's daughter
    cracks the ceiling

  74. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    urbanisation –
    shadows lost
    under the skyscrapers

  75. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    between gray walls
    the green touch
    of a stranger’s smile

  76. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    oops, I seem to have "liked" my own haiku. I didn't mean to and can't seem to remove it.

  77. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    (It seems to happen automatically -my apologies)

  78. Olivier Schopfer Says:

    big city

    the soothing shade

    of twin trees

  79. Nadejda Kostadinova Says:

    a tentative smile
    on her firm face
    green leaves

  80. Nadejda Kostadinova Says:

    the urban grey
    green threes

  81. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    interlocked –
    artificial versus
    natural beauty

  82. Srinivas S Says:

    but for the breeze
    through friendly trees
    urban desert

  83. Vijay Prasad Says:


    a green comma …

    city skyline

  84. Seren Fargo Says:

    I really like this idea/image.
    What about making it into two segments (rather than three) – something like:

    green comma
    a single tree
    on the city skyline

  85. Gary Hittmeyer Says:

    nature finds a way
    new life sprouts
    in the concrete desert

  86. Srinivas S Says:

    building trust shared leaves

  87. Kathryn Stevens Says:

    unbroken shadows. unpeopled streets. greener greens

  88. Connie Jordan Green Says:

    green pressing close
    amid glass and steel jungle
    we're all family

  89. martin1223 Says:

    the red horizon

    in a puddle

    darkened street

  90. cezar-florin ciobîc? Says:

    listening to
    forty shades of green
    earth day

  91. Seren Fargo Says:

    This is a really nice haiku. I think if you had posted earlier on in the exercise, you would have received many more points.

  92. Maya Daneva Says:

    under my window
    singing birds
    behind green leaves

  93. dl mattila Says:

    thunder rumbles
    through the canyon
    quivering leaves

  94. Kenny Jack Says:

    in plain sight
    the resistance

  95. Kenny Jack Says:

    heaven . . .
    not upward

  96. Michelle Kogan Illustration & Painting Says:

    oasis kissed leaves
    in lieu of trim offer
    sunshade solace

    Michelle Kogan


  97. Robert Kingston Says:

    age before beauty
    a short walk
    on the bright side

  98. Robert Kingston Says:

    split ends…
    that powerful realisation
    that leads to love

  99. haikuapprentice Says:

    dog paints walls and trees
    darker grey

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