Submissions for tinywords 20.2 and a new writing prompt

Summer is winding down here in the northern hemisphere and tinywords 20.1 has now ended with Ann K. Schwader’s haiku “in the space”.

The submission window for tinywords 20.2 opened on August 1st so if you haven’t yet, you still have about half of August left to send us your small poems, haiga, or brief haibun to be considered for our next issue: tinywords 20.2.

Sending work to tinywords is a simple two-step process. Just check out our Guidelines and click on the Submissions Page from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2020. One month window, as usual.

photograph of two green trees in a narrow space between two grey buildings

To keep things lively while we work on the new issue, we present a new writing prompt. This image of a green oasis between apartment buildings was captured in Beirut, Lebanon. One thing this image might say is that nature is adaptable. These trees seem to be in solidarity with one another. But you might see something else entirely. Be sure to share it with us. Why not pen a tiny original poem or two in response to this glimpse of nature in the midst of an urban landscape?   Leave your best efforts in the comment box below and the tinywords editorial team will share the best of the best in tinywords 20.2, due out in late September 2020.

Thanks again for dropping by. We look forward to reading what you have to say.


In solidarity,

The Editors


Image by djedj from Pixabay

99 Responses

  1. Marion Clarke Says:

    gang warfare

    playground secret-sharing

    of conker tactics

  2. Geeta Says:


    muted talks

    blossoms transmit

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    apple pie…
    the journey circles back
    to childhood

    Alan Summers

  4. Anitha Varma Says:

    his smile lost
    in the alleyways of mind
    leaf shadows

  5. Claudette Russell Says:

    both sides
    reaching out

  6. Nancy Rapp Says:

    geodesic dome
    the concrete

  7. Shalini Says:

    Twin trees…
    even memories cannot recall
    their frame

    its burning
    drenched by late rain
    smoulders in the debris

  8. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Huddled together

    against man-made destruction

    God-made still standing

  9. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Huddled together

    amid man-made destruction

    God-made still standing

  10. CARLEY Says:

    scent of bread
    a little bit of green
    daily needs

  11. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    leaning in
    for a kiss
    care home window

  12. David M Says:

    balancing the gray…chi of green

  13. Bob Redmond Says:

    a green line
    through the stones
    finding a way

  14. Srinivas S Says:

    at the heart
    of a concrete jungle
    a yin tree a yang tree

  15. sanjuktaa Says:

    in our green tea
    high-rise shadows

  16. Rich Schilling Says:

    broken skyline
    of birdsong

  17. Rich Schilling Says:

    under the city
    old growth

  18. Rich Schilling Says:

    in the back alley
    of trees

  19. etchandscribe Says:

    rooftop garden
    a farmer's daughter
    cracks the ceiling

  20. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    urbanisation –
    shadows lost
    under the skyscrapers

  21. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    between gray walls
    the green touch
    of a stranger’s smile

  22. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    oops, I seem to have "liked" my own haiku. I didn't mean to and can't seem to remove it.

  23. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    (It seems to happen automatically -my apologies)

  24. Olivier Schopfer Says:

    big city

    the soothing shade

    of twin trees

  25. Nadejda Kostadinova Says:

    a tentative smile
    on her firm face
    green leaves

  26. Nadejda Kostadinova Says:

    the urban grey
    green threes

  27. Lakshmi Iyer Says:

    interlocked –
    artificial versus
    natural beauty

  28. Srinivas S Says:

    but for the breeze
    through friendly trees
    urban desert

  29. Vijay Prasad Says:


    a green comma …

    city skyline

  30. Seren Fargo Says:

    I really like this idea/image.
    What about making it into two segments (rather than three) – something like:

    green comma
    a single tree
    on the city skyline

  31. Gary Hittmeyer Says:

    nature finds a way
    new life sprouts
    in the concrete desert

  32. Srinivas S Says:

    building trust shared leaves

  33. Kathryn Stevens Says:

    unbroken shadows. unpeopled streets. greener greens

  34. Connie Jordan Green Says:

    green pressing close
    amid glass and steel jungle
    we're all family

  35. martin1223 Says:

    the red horizon

    in a puddle

    darkened street

  36. cezar-florin ciobîcă Says:

    listening to
    forty shades of green
    earth day

  37. Seren Fargo Says:

    This is a really nice haiku. I think if you had posted earlier on in the exercise, you would have received many more points.

  38. Maya Daneva Says:

    under my window
    singing birds
    behind green leaves

  39. dl mattila Says:

    thunder rumbles
    through the canyon
    quivering leaves

  40. Kenny Jack Says:

    in plain sight
    the resistance

  41. Kenny Jack Says:

    heaven . . .
    not upward

  42. Michelle Kogan Illustration & Painting Says:

    oasis kissed leaves
    in lieu of trim offer
    sunshade solace

    Michelle Kogan


  43. Robert Kingston Says:

    age before beauty
    a short walk
    on the bright side

  44. Robert Kingston Says:

    split ends…
    that powerful realisation
    that leads to love

  45. haikuapprentice Says:

    dog paints walls and trees
    darker grey

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