harvest moon
laughter bubbles
from the neighbor’s hot tub


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  1. Bob Redmond Says:

    So nice to see a warm-hearted haiku especially when everything else seems so fraught! Thank you!

  2. Julie Mellor Says:

    Thanks so much for reading. Yes, it was a beautiful moment.

  3. Jo Balistreri Says:

    Remembering our days in the hot tub.
    So glad to see this light-hearted haiku. What a pleasure.

  4. Julie Mellor Says:

    The real pleasure was listening to the laughter next door. And now the pleasure of people commenting on the poem. Thank you so much.

  5. NancyAJensen Says:

    Bubbling with joy and contentedness – a breath of fresh air in these unsettling

    times! Bravo!

  6. Julie Mellor Says:

    Thank you for reading, and for commenting. It was a privilege to hear all that fun and frivolity.

  7. martin1223 Says:

    two soap bubbles half in the pop

  8. Julie Mellor Says:

    Cheers Martin!

  9. Karen Harvey Says:

    I love this. Especially those bubbles of happiness. Celebrating happy moments, our own or observed is especially uplifting right now.

  10. Julie Mellor Says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I was sitting on the patio when I heard the fun next door – joyful!

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