Submissions to tinywords 22.1 — and a new writing prompt

Winter’s chill is still with us here in the northern hemisphere but spring is around the corner. TINYWORDS 21.2 has now ended with Bob Lucky’s haibun, The Triumph of Art. The submission window for TINYWORDS 22.1 opened on February 1st, so if you haven’t yet and would like to, please send us your small poems, haiga, or brief haibun to be considered for our next issue: TINYWORDS 22.1.

Sending work to TINYWORDS is a simple two-step process. Just check out our Guidelines and click on the Submissions Page from Feb. 1 through Feb. 28,  2022. One month window, as usual.

To keep things lively while we work on the new issue, we present a new writing prompt. This rural Arizona image of a road lined with magnificent old saguaro cacti presents a bit of wabi-sabi.  Or perhaps you see it a little differently. We hope this lonesome trail conjures a short poem or two.

Be sure to share it with us: Leave your best efforts in response to the photo prompt in the comment box below and the TINYWORDS editorial team will share the best of the best in TINYWORDS 22.1, due out in late March, 2022.

Thanks again for dropping by. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

Be well,

The editors

103 Responses

  1. Alan Summers Says:

    sand and dolls
    the tequila bottles rattling
    towards sunrise

    Alan Summers

  2. Adelaide B. Shaw Says:

    the end of the road
    is in sight

    Adelaide B. Shaw

  3. Tim Cremin Says:

    water break
    saguaro giving us
    the finger

  4. martin1223 Says:

    saguaro noon
    the road’s only shadow
    dust devil

  5. Sam Bateman Says:

    migrant crossing—
    one saguaro leans
    on another

  6. Marcie Wessels Says:

    woodpecker echo
    in the elf owl nest
    crumbling adobe

  7. Laurie Greer Says:

    hovering kachinas…
    saguaros give a lift
    to the spirits

  8. angiolainglese Says:

    of the cobweb-
    cactus leaf

  9. Laurie Greer Says:

    the empty arms
    of saguaros…
    missing native women

  10. Julie Schwerin Says:

    growing discomfort . . .
    what lies at the end
    of the colonnade

  11. kalaramesh Says:


    reaching out
    to something beyond …
    "what's a heaven for?"


  12. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    walking down
    the empty streets of my dreams
    saguaro cactus

  13. Brittany Hause Says:

    tire treads
    the cacti keep
    their own counsel

  14. Amada Burgard Says:

    In her dust
    Truth pricks
    More than cacti

  15. batsword Says:

    endless prayers
    raised to wide open
    blue skies

  16. Deborah A. Bennett Says:

    not dying
    but pierced through –
    saguaro moon

  17. Robyn Josephs Says:

    Standing so tall
    In spite
    Of it all.

  18. Mona Bedi Says:

    lonely road

    the difficult path I took

    without you

  19. Pris Campbell Says:


  20. Pris Campbell Says:

    echos of the lone ranger
    on the radio

  21. Freema Luwisch Says:

    chatting to one another
    across the path

  22. Laurie Greer Says:

    embraced by the wisdom
    of the desert mothers

  23. Brittany Hause Says:

    old road
    the saguaro recalls
    the sound of water

  24. Angele Ellis Says:

    My brother and I sat in the station wagon’s way back—two pull-up facing seats next to the rear window. The world receded in a rectangular frame above the blank white lid of a crank-up camper. Out west, he and I were like the only people in a theater showing a road movie. The car faded into silence—or the unearthly rhythm of the Indian drums at an Arizona roadside attraction. Behind the gaudy cement teepee, we’d seen a drummer tussle with his wife (who sold turquoise jewelry from a dusty case) for her cracked plastic purse.

    who waved goodbye
    us or the saguaro

  25. dl mattila Says:

    arms upraised
    in gestures of praise
    saguaro rain

  26. dl mattila Says:

    fleeting clouds
    above humble supplicants
    mighty saguaro

  27. dl mattila Says:

    humble supplicants
    beneath fleeting clouds
    mighty saguaros

  28. Brittany Hause Says:

    inch by inch
    decade by decade
    saguaro stretch skyward
    marking the way
    to elsewhere

  29. angiolainglese Says:

    cactus leaves,
    counting and recounting
    moons and days

  30. danielamisso Says:

    away from the world …
    saguaro sky

  31. Sondra J Byrnes Says:

    doll shop tomorrow’s broken promise

  32. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    Doll shop — an interesting take.

  33. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    on a desert road
    the sculptor revisits
    his subject

    learning perspective
    i follow the road
    to the vanishing point

  34. Vassileios Comporozos Says:

    Lined with cacti –

    lonesome trail

    to dreams

  35. Srinivas S Says:


  36. Rich Schilling Says:

    ghost town
    the road not taken
    for a reason

  37. Rich Schilling Says:

    ghost town
    all the signs lead us
    to lost

  38. Chuck Floyd Says:

    I thrive beneath your
    eye, my saquaro roots
    unseen, you will see

  39. Michael S Brock Says:

    old road
    as stability

  40. Michael S Brock Says:

    Should read:

    old road
    saguaros stand
    as stability

  41. Marion Clarke Says:

    early start

    the tallest saguaro

    pokes the moon

  42. Marion Clarke Says:

    desert daybreak…

    a seguaro points

    at the day moon

  43. haikutravelyarns Says:

    as if Earth stretched her dry old bones saguaro

    — Marietta McGregor

  44. Adrian Bouter Says:

    rock bottom the only way is up

  45. Adrian Bouter Says:

    barren land
    in a time out of mind
    stiffened figures

  46. Sam Bateman Says:

    monsoon season
    saguaros waiting
    with open arms

  47. Srinivas S Says:

    cacti-lined street…
    a rain cloud pays
    a rare visit

  48. Silk~ Says:

    a detour saguaro shadows stretching the truth

  49. Brittany Hause Says:

    columns of saguaro
    a road delineated
    columns of saguaro

  50. Paul Callus Says:

    saguaro cacti
    standing at attention –
    a humbling welcome

  51. Paul Callus Says:

    arms raised –
    for little things

  52. Paul Callus Says:

    not withstanding
    the hardships of life –
    standing tall

  53. Silk~ Says:

    dust devil touching the sky saguaro cacti

  54. Silk~ Says:

    saguaro blossom our youngest still the tallest

  55. Silk~ Says:

    an owl nestled in a saguaro boot many moons

  56. Cindy Tebo Says:

    desert energy
    out here the only pipelines
    are the cactus

  57. Magyar Says:

    wired posts
    within these desert cacti
    the new old

  58. Sam Bateman Says:

    dry heat shrinking the pleated folds of saguaros

  59. ghittmeyer Says:

    hungover dawn
    a cowboy hits
    the lonesome trail

  60. d. f. tweney Says:

    dirt road patrol on the side of overkill

    (posted on behalf of Helen Buckingham)

  61. d. f. tweney Says:

    travelling show hall of mirrors

    (posted on behalf of Helen Buckingham)

  62. d. f. tweney Says:

    troops on standby
    time slows while they wait
    for the signal to go

    (posted on behalf of Helen Buckingham)

  63. d. f. tweney Says:

    aging saguaros
    still guarding
    the desert's secrets

    (posted on behalf of Claudette Russell)

  64. Magyar Says:

    these desert flowers
    grown from thoughts of deepest eyes
    within feeling minds

  65. Lesley S Says:

    lifting the sky
    high over Arizona
    saguaro arms

    (in "Lifting the Sky" 2013, ed. by Scott Wiggerman)

  66. jim laurila Says:

    dusty road
    through saguaro
    so alone

  67. linda richlinski Says:

    I think I will visit

    The doll maker on the left

    It’s just off the path

  68. Magyar Says:

    __ Often, the values of life are… in your words Linda… "just offf the path".
    Nice, parallel! _m

  69. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    take up their cross
    backpacking in cold and heat―
    the Way of St James

  70. Marta Chocilowska Says:

    on the trail
    the water carriers

  71. Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă Says:

    refugee convoy
    at the end of the road

  72. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    one road to sunset
    the sky
    filled with trails

  73. Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă Says:

    Poppy Day
    a legion of shadows
    on Via Appia

  74. Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă Says:

    war headlines…
    the heavens trembling
    on Atlas' shoulders

  75. Marion Clarke Says:


    crossing my path . . .

    Spaghetti Western

  76. Marion Clarke Says:

    sudden shower . . .

    the cowboy

    caught short

  77. Marion Clarke Says:

    empty valley echo of the dolls

  78. Marion Clarke Says:


    by a soundtrack…

    desert wind

  79. Marion Clarke Says:

    nothing but dust . . .

    I take a chance on the road

    of loneliness

  80. Magyar Says:

    eighty matters
    as I step forward

  81. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    family reunion
    the whole gang lines up
    to greet me

  82. Neena Singh Says:

    the golden path…
    raising arms

  83. Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă Says:

    Thanksgiving dinner
    another friendly battle
    of the wishbone

  84. barbara bartley Says:

    rocks roll
    ground to smoothness
    Soft to my touch

  85. gnarled wood Says:

    the end of the line of saguaro wave goodbye

  86. Srinivas S Says:

    now here the road to nowhere

  87. ingridbaluchi Says:

    die hard
    old cowboy
    one hand on hip

  88. ingridbaluchi Says:

    out in the sticks
    yet even here the need
    for a linesman

  89. ingridbaluchi Says:

    nature's barbs
    we're not the only ones
    to erect deterrents

  90. d. f. tweney Says:

    (posted on behalf of Tim Murphy)

    guard of honor
    the road
    less traveled


    derelict buildings
    the cacti reach
    for the sky


    sky road
    the thorny problem
    of freedom

  91. d. f. tweney Says:

    up in arms
    the buffet line
    out of shrimp

    (posted on behalf of Lorraine A Padden M.A. )

  92. Anne Wickliffe Says:

    Love it.

  93. jakecosmosaller Says:

    Saguro Catus
    Guardians of the desert
    Waiting visitors

  94. Cynthia Anderson Says:

    doll shop
    saguaros guard
    a lost dream

  95. PhilipWhitley Says:

    the geezer smiles
    still coloring outside lines…
    abandoned brothel

    Philip Whitley

  96. Silk~ Says:

    dust in a deserted doll shop saguaro shadows

  97. Magyar Says:

    eyes follow
    foot prints in this sand
    dolls wander

  98. Magyar Says:

    old thought; as its dust settles; a new breeze

  99. Anne Wickliffe Says:

    Life among the cacti
    tall and dry, who reach for clouds,
    sky, grasping after God

  100. Mandy Macdonald Says:

    prickly elders
    my childhood self
    runs the gauntlet

  101. Magyar Says:

    counting stars
    these seconds of every life
    a grin of sand

  102. Magyar Says:

    /// a grain of sand \

  103. tinywords: Welcome to tinywords 22.1 Says:

    […] globe. Congratulations to Sam Bateman who opens the new issue with his winning poem inspired by our prompt image of a rural Arizona road in the Sonoran Desert. Sam’s poem is featured below. As always, the many fine inspired offerings […]

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