grey heron
the depth of the river
in its eyes


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  1. Andrea Says:

    Simple but beautiful…

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    grey heron
    the depth of the river
    in its eyes

    —Nick T

    Herons are both magical and mystical aren't they? Of course occasionally they let themselves down by being incredibly clumsy at times, but as haiku writers we can forgive them!

    That is a truly beautiful phrase in your haiku.


    Here's a River Avon heron haiku!

    a river surreptitiously the heron

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: otata 11 ed. John Martone (November 2016)

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Beautiful haiku–yes, mystical and magical. I've not seen them clumsy but as expert fisherbirds in every respect.

  4. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Yes, indeed, Jo. Apparently a real nuisance around fish markets in the Netherlands!
    Even so, I think we all admire and respect their one-legged patience.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Oh, I have some anecdotes about herons being clumsy! :-) That includes one being especially noisy too, that a whole group of haiku poets on a ginko missed, despite being huddled in conversation just 30 feet (or less) away! <grin>

    I must write about that incident one day!

    warmest regards

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