photo of a concrete apartment building against an unnaturally pink sky

home from work
the intimacy
and loneliness
of a shared wall

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  1. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Sad, frightening and inevitable for some.
    A strong comment on an apparently acceptable way of life.
    Thank you for this reminder, Bill, about how fortunate many of us are who do not have to endure this sardine-like existence.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Love that artwork!!!

    Wonderful phrase:

    the intimacy
    and loneliness
    of a shared wall

    The whole 4-line haikai verse could kick off a short story or even a novel!

    warmest regards,

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Apartments stacked up, one on top of another–sharing a wall sounds intimate but we know it is not. It almost exacerbates loneliness if one is alone.

    This haiku encourages gratefulness and also compassion for those whose lives are impacted in this way.
    Thank you.

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